Live streaming has gained popularity over the past few years for a number of reasons; one of the main reasons is the Covid lockdown. Because of its ability to contact individuals around the world by just sitting at your home. Let’s examine the two main live streaming services right now: YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming and see who is better than who. We’ll compare YouTube & Facebook Gaming using solid arguments supported by accurate, up-to-date information and with some relevant stats. As live streaming and video creation services, YouTube and Facebook Gaming have steadily gained in popularity. If you want to be successful, you must be attentive while selecting your live streaming platform. Let’s compare and see who prevails in this YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming competition & find out an ideal platform for you.

YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming | Which One Is Better?

To know who wins the battle between YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming, let’s compare YouTube’s pros & cons and Facebook Gaming’s pros & cons. Lastly, by comparing both YouTube & Facebook Gaming’s pros & cons we will get an ultimate winner of the battle. Also, read Facebook Not Logging Out | Solve it With 4 Fixes RN!


YouTube includes a live streaming feature, but it is most recognised for its ability to host videos. Most people know YouTube as a video platform and not as a live streaming platform. It serves more as a tool of public interest and is not simply geared toward gamers. Many content producers also use it to broadcast Q&As, cookery, or just simple audience interaction. If you have previously succeeded in obtaining some subscribers with pre-made films, it will be simpler for you to establish popularity with your YouTube streaming. Additionally, everything is really simple to set up on YouTube these features can make FB Gaming a winner in the battle of YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming. It can be challenging to use the platform over the long term without encountering copyright problems or being demonetized. Before you choose YouTube stream as your platform. I advise you to check out YouTube’s pros and cons below first. YouTube Pros

Huge audience.Great fit for established YouTubers.Very easy set-up process.

YouTube Cons:

Not as many features available aimed at gamers compared to FB Gaming.Limited opportunities in the monetisation area.Possibility of frequent demonetisation and copyright issues.

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Facebook Gaming

Facebook’s live streaming service is less developed than others because it hasn’t been around as long, it still manages to offer some helpful features, such as the integration of esports events. Furthermore, it is heavily centred on video games, as implied by its name. Its modest viewership is both a blessing and a curse. Although there are fewer viewers to target, there is also less competition, which can make it simpler to stand out. There are several ways to promote yourself if you have some extra income. Since the platform’s introduction, the alternatives for generating revenue have been continuously increased and now include a virtual currency (Stars) that is similar to Bits, paid subscriptions, in-stream advertisements, and a built-in brand collaboration manager. You need to fulfil the conditions of Facebook Gaming’s Level Up programme in order to be able to monetize your stream. I advise you to scroll further & check out Facebook Gaming’s pros and cons below to find out an ideal streaming platform for you and also to find out the ultimate winner of the battle YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming. Facebook Gaming Pros

Detailed Analytics.Better Ad revenue.Search Algorithm option.Mobile broadcasting is simple, easy and handy.Can easily play games with FB friends.Can use your current Facebook interests & feeds.Easy self-promotionLess competition 

Facebook Gaming Cons

Very small audienceLack of console appsFrequent data Privacy breachingsThe only version available is iOS

Also, read Why Was Facebook Created | Know The Real Reasons Right Now The ultimate winner of the battle of YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming is YouTube. Considering the fact that Facebook Gaming is shutting down from October 28. YouTube wins with its huge audience and better UX set-up. So, YouTube streaming is better than Facebook Gaming in the end.

Wrapping Up

So, this was an interesting battle don’t you agree? I hope you enjoyed this face-off of YouTube Vs Facebook Gaming. Wanna find out the winner between Twitch and Facebook Gaming? Well, click and find out who is better yourselves. Visit Path of EX once and stay updated on every trending topic.


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