But you want to make sure if it is worth it. However, some players consider it to be a cheating gadget; on the other hand, some players keep praising it for many reasons. Moreover, some of them cannot imagine playing a video game without it because of their motor disabilities. Not just the keyboard and mouse, with efficient controller Xim Apex, provides the solution to use other PC peripherals as well. But some players cannot satisfy their gaming needs without something like Xim Apex, which has many advantages over controllers. In this Xim Apex review, we are going to cover up everything possible related to this phenomenal device. So, buckle up to dive into the world of Xim Apex.

What Is Xim Apex?

Before we go into the detail, let’s first know what a Xim Apex actually is. The Xim Apex is basically a Console Input Adapter that tricks a console into considering your mouse and keyboard to be the game controllers. Moreover, it utilizes smart translation technology to read the console’s mechanics and sends the acquired information into its app. It then lets you control a mouse and keyboard on your console. Because this device tricks your console into thinking that the input device is the typical controller, some gamers consider using it a cheating method. Though the Xim Apex gives advantages in games against players with controllers, using it should not be considered cheating. It is just an alternative way to play the game and have multiple options available for use at any time. Do you know what! This gadget is priceless in many ways indeed. It actually lets you personalize the user experience more precisely. So if you are not easy on using controllers, Xim Apex is there for you. Additionally, it is not limited to keyboard and mouse; you can plug in any other device like a phablet, tablet, smartphone, joysticks, etc. In some cases, you are not allowed to use the Xim Apex. For instance, you will be allowed to use controllers in an offline tournament conducted by the game officials or some gaming institutions. As you know, rules are rules, but just because you are using different peripherals, you should not be banned from playing the game.

Xim Apex Specifications:

After knowing what it is like using a Xim Apex, let’s now get a little bit technical about it. It is the next generation console input adapter packed with a variety of functions. Moreover, for your ease, it comes in multiple languages for global use. Response modes are four; 1, 2, 4, or 8ms, and Bluetooth LE manages Bluetooth protocols. In addition to this, supported consoles include Play station 3 and 4, X1, and X360. This pretty much covers the maximum number of popular consoles. Do you have a PC? Don’t worry; it can easily work on PC, iOS as well as Android operating platforms. The little buddy can get connected to any console through a wired connection, or it can go wireless if you want. In addition to this, Xim Apex fully supports Joystick and gives it a custom axis as well. Configuration storage is 24, and you can edit its configuration as a novice or an expert. There are modes for both kinds of players. Ballistic Curve Resolution is 51 by 10k steps. What is it? It’s the technical knowledge that requires a separate article – you can search about it on Google for now. Let’s just summarize the specs as given below:

How To Setup The Xim Apex?

You are a gamer, and you do not need to worry about the setup of this bad boy as it is like a cake and does not take long. Before we go into step by step process of setting the buddy up, you should have everything ready, including Apex USB stick, USB hub, your console, its controller, mouse, keyboard (or some other peripheral) and cables.

Package: Dongle and an external hub Localization: ZH, EN, KO, DE, ES, FR, JA Ballistic Curve: 51/10000 steps Configuration Modes: Expert and Novice modes Configuration Storage: 24 Joystick: Fully support USB Audio: X1, X360, PS4 (DS4) Consoles Support: Wireless and Wired BT Protocol: Bluetooth LE Supported Consoles: PS3, PS4, X360, and X1 Response or Latency: 1, 2, 4, 8 modes

See, it was not a rocket-science! So keep calm as the Xim Apex is easy to set up. But still, if you have any ambiguity, then there is no need to be worried as there is a user guide packed in the box, which further guides you to essential steps you will need to take. We tried our best to make the setup even easier. Even then, if you have any questions or confusion, you should go to the official forums of Xim Apex, which is a very powerful and useful community for this bad boy and remain available for you 24/7.

What Are Some Gaming Styles?

Xim Apex is a versatile input adapter, and this is why it supports a variety of gaming hardware and style. Whether you want to play wirelessly or with the traditional wired connection, the device is perfect for you. In traditional gaming, where you use a desk with wired connectivity, the mouse is used for aiming, and the keyboard is used for movements. In this scenario, player movement is limited to forward, reverse, left, right, and diagonal directions. Some gamers love this kind of gaming style. Because of movement limitations, many gamers prefer controllers for their analogous movements. With Xim Apex, you can enjoy both styles as the little buddy combines the controller and mouse together. Other than these two styles, Xim Apex supports a wide variety of other wireless gadgets so that you enjoy your game to the fullest. It supports Nintendo JoyCon and Sony Move Navigation Controller and that too without some extra hardware. Whatever your style is, do not just stop playing with the buddy.

Is Using The Xim Apex Cheating?

As already discussed in the Xim Apex review you are going through; it is not cheating to use the little boy. The only reason due to which some gamers consider it cheating is because it gives more functionality to the player enjoying it and gives more controls because of various peripherals some gamers use. A mouse allows the user of Xim Apex to aim more quickly and accurately than the player who uses console controllers. The game developers and console manufacturers do not block this device because its usage is not cheating in any regard. Even if we consider it to be cheating for the argument sake, what about those people with motor disabilities. Banning Xim Apex like devices will completely devastate such gamers. Many players with disabilities like Kollietheclaw are actually thankful to the company for manufacturing the device like Xim Apex. Kolietheclaw has a rare condition called symbrachydactyly, which means he is born with missing fingers. He was never able to play any game until he came to know about the phenomenal device called Xim Apex. Some players, somehow, insist that using a mouse and keyboard is cheating. They say that they do not care whether some other player has some motor problem or not; everyone should be in the same boat. Analog movement and mouse movement cannot be the same in any case. Thus, using Xim Apex should be considered cheating. Another player argues that if you use Xim Apex, you actually violate the terms and conditions of gaming and console companies like Sony and Microsoft because you use unauthorized hardware. But there are many like John Glenn who thinks otherwise. According to him, using just some other peripherals should not be considered cheating at all, as choosing your peripherals for controlling should also be a part of the game, and the one who wants better ones should enjoy more benefits.

How To Upgrade Xim Apex Firmware?

We already told you the Xim Apex has a thriving community online at Xim.Tech. Occasionally, you want to upgrade your Xim Apex firmware to enjoy new features. We recommend the upgrade also because it keeps you away from some bugs. Your PC or laptop should be running Windows 7 or the more recent Windows. macOS 10 or above is required if you are the Apple fan. Now you need to download the Xim Apex flash tool from xim.tech/downloads. Plugging your Xim Apex onto a USB port while holding down its button is the next step you should take. This way, your device is programming mode. Be sure to keep the button holding as you plug into your PC or laptop and then release when the LED goes blue. Run the flash tool now and press the ‘Update Firmware’ button. Unplugging during the flashing process is not recommended at all. After the firmware transfer, the Xim Apex automatically reboots to finish the process and go. In the final stage, the LED goes yellow. You get a notification to safely remove your Xim Apex from your system when the LED indicator shows the blue light. Congratulations! You have just upgraded your Xim Apex firmware. Let’s just revise the process in bullets below:

Start your system Plug your Xim Apex into your system (keep holding the button on it) Click on ‘Update Firmware’ button Wait until you get a notification to remove your Xim Apex safely You are ready to go

You got your Xim Apex, updated it, and ready to fly high. But wait, did you do the settings according to the game you want to play? Do it. If you do not know how to, no worries, we have got you covered in this detailed Xim Apex review. There are loads of games out there, and there are different Xim Apex settings for them. You want to take advantage of the little buddy; you should act accordingly. Let’s find out relevant settings for some popular games.

1- Xim Apex Settings For Fortnite

If you are a Fortnite player, you already know it is difficult to build using a typical controller. PC players build a lot better than the modern console guys. If you get Xim Apex and set it up onto your gaming system, it increases the in-game sensitivity and lets you move and build faster than ever. You should change some settings for Fortnite, as given below. Button Layout should be set to default and controller sensitivity X and Y to the maximum level, which is 10. Set your gamepad ADS (Aim Down Sights) sensitivity at 1.0, but feel free to choose gamepad scope sensitivity. The Xim Apex Manager app does the rest of the configuration. Set your buttons, hip fire, and ADS sensitivity according to your preference. But because it is an extra-large-size Xim Apex review, we will not forget to suggest the standard settings for the configuration of Fortnite. You should choose your Hip Sensitivity to 15 ADS Sensitivity to 10. In advance settings, set your sync mode to default if you want little aim assistance. If you want full control over your aiming, just set it to ‘off.’ In case your mouse stutters while playing, you should set smoothing values anywhere between 3 to 7 in advanced settings.

2- Xim Apex Settings For Apex Legends

First of all, you should enable expert configuration in ‘Global Settings.’ Now click on ‘Create New Configuration’ in the settings. Tap on relevant game edition; be it TitanFall 2 or ST. Now you should do the mapping and customize your buttons according to your preference and pay special attention to K G, K U, K R settings as it defines your performance. There are different dial selection methods. One method is ‘Analog Stick, ’ which uses it to select options on the dial menu. Moreover, the sub config activation button allows you to keep your thumb on the stick. In the second method, you can choose options on the dial by moving the mouse when the Turn Assist button is held down. The movement you make while holding down the Turn Assist is like a full joystick movement in that direction. In addition to this, you can also select options on the dial by using W A S D keys; this is the third method for the movement. Here you should make sure the sub-config activation button allows you to use these keys. Creating Ping sub configuration settings is also easy. Hold the ‘G’ key; you see the Ping Dial. You can select from below given options: a. Pressing the W A S D keysb. Move the mouse (and holding the Turn Assist)c. Moving Analog Stick Now you create a Health/Armor sub configuration. Select the method according to your choice. Now create an Ordnance sub configuration and choose the method of your choice. Create an Inventory sub configuration with a mouse cursor. In these settings, you need not hold the activation key, rather press the Inventory button and change the sub configuration sensitivity to change the cursor speed accordingly. And boom, you are ready to play Apex Legends now.

3- Xim Apex Settings For Modern Warfare/Warzone

Let’s break the Xim Apex settings for Modern Warfare into three essential steps: • Necessary Preparations• HIP & ADS Config• Unified Menu Buttons In the first step, you should go to global settings and adjust the sampling rate accordingly, and if you are unable to see the polling rate settings, feel free to take a look at the expert mode placed at the very top. The response rate should be set as 500 or 1000 Hertz depending upon the polling rate. If the signal of your mouse drops and needs adjustment, you should set it to be 500 Hertz only. In case you are not sure which frequency rate you should go for, you run some tests online or test it yourself while playing Modern Warfare. The second step is about in-game settings. For this, click on the Modern Warfare logo and choose ‘yes,’ and you will be forwarded to the Xim Apex forum. Moreover, you can give it a read and choose your settings as per your choice. Set the mouse movement that best suits you. Start your game and see if you have chosen the right movements for your mouse. Click on the top left button to do the HIP settings. Click on the profile of your Modern Warfare game. Now, you can adjust the configuration color and key button. The LED indicator glows blue for confirmation that the correct settings are running. Now you can adjust synchronization settings or completely power it off. But we recommend it to be off to enjoy the natural mouse movements. Last but not least, adjust the HIP sensitivity. We suggest using the sensitivity of 200 with a mouse DPI value of 3200. If this is not a suitable DPI for you, you can adjust it according to your choice and system. Now, adjust the smoothing boost, steady aim, and simulate analog behavior. These features customize the strengths of the aim assist. The aim assist in Modern Warfare is already strong enough, but if you want to increase it, a smoothing value of up to 10 is recommended. All the Xim Apex settings for Modern Warfare are done; now, let’s play the game buddy.

4- Xim Apex Settings For Overwatch

The best general settings for Overwatch are according to the player’s needs. Let’s still have a look at each setting one by one. Let’s first discuss sensitivity, which should be at the highest level, but if your setup is already doing great, do not just increase it. Otherwise, it creates unnatural movements so fast that you would not like it. Use 3 to 5 smoothing only if you have sync off. Smoothing is unnecessary for your mouse jitters. When it comes to talking about sync, we recommend it to be the default. The default sync offers the least amount of aim assist. You can turn it off for cutting through the aim assist. We already recommend you off sensitivity; the off-sync is perfect for such settings. If you use high sensitivity of around 25cm/360, we recommend a boost of 200 or 300 as it does not make uncomfortable micro-movements. You should try playing after making some settings on your game. The polling rate should be like 1000 Hertz to cut the aim assist as it gives you more responsive experience over the game. 1000hz polling rate is only recommended if your mouse can handle that. If it shutters, switch it to 500hz. You should set, try, and play. If you are having some severe issues with the aim assist, then don’t worry as you can use steady aim feature. A value under 5 should be exceptional. ‘Simulate analog behavior’ is a fantastic feature if you use a keyboard. The value should be between 100 and 150. Now you are good to go with Overwatch.

5- Xim Apex Settings For Destiny 2

Before you create Xim Apex configuration on Destiny 2, you make sure it has the latest game version. You do that by going to the top bar and clicking on global settings. Press the download button for the game. Your Xim Apex now downloads the latest version of Destiny 2. Depending upon the speed of the internet, the process may take a few minutes. Once your download is complete, hover over to global settings again. Now adjust the polling rate first and choose 500 or 1000. If you are unsure which polling rate, you should consider then choose one and play the game. If 500 is fine with your mouse, you got to use it or otherwise choose 1000. Your Xim Apex works fine only when the polling rate and mouse movement value is the same. Save and restart your Xim Apex after setting the polling rate. When the polling rate is activated, click on the top right to select the option of a new configuration library and select your favorite config profile for Destiny 2. Your Xim Apex will now play the latest Destiny 2 profile. Set in-game sensitivity to the maximum as there is no additional config required. Click on the edit configuration button to edit the settings. What you need to do is you should first change the configuration color and core key. Most players select their favorite color and f1 key for this purpose. Swipe to right now and adjust your sync settings as sync settings play an essential role in moving your mouse, so you should set it to default. Now go to set the sensitivity level. Go to the maximum and check if it is right for you. In the end, choose control buttons you are most comfortable with, and you are ready to play Destiny 2 on Xim Apex. Also, you would not like to be restricted to one controller only. One more thing to be kept in mind is that Xim Apex has a beautiful community online, which means you keep getting more and more functions to add to your gaming experience. Is it worth it? You decide!

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