However, it is impossible to deny the fact that live football has become big business. Subscription channels buy broadcast rights, and it means that they can decide whether a wider audience can get access to a major sporting event. And even if you have an appropriate subscription, it doesn’t help you when you travel or want to watch a game that isn’t available in your online streaming. That’s why VeePN definitely should be in your lineup.  Speaking about the benefits of a VPN, you also get privacy, an opportunity to watch football with enhanced speeds. You have no reasons to worry about blackouts. This software even beats ISP throttling as well, and you can see for yourself completely free of charge. Just install a trial, and watch your favorite game wherever you are. So what are the best football commentaries worth remembering?

Barry Davies: “And you have to say that is magnificent”

Barry Davies is a funny football commentator who covered various sports but is surely remembered by his quotes at the football fields. One of his best calls came in Mexico. It was the 1986 World Cup during the England-Argentina quarterfinal match. The game is remembered mainly for two things, and the interesting fact is that Diego Maradona was involved in both of them. The first was his notorious “Hand of God” goal when he jumped to head the ball and ended up hitting it with his hand. And the second moment was his incredible solo goal. Barry Davies’ on the latter perfectly captures the mood of low-key respect that English fans felt. He admitted, “And you have to say that is magnificent.”

Clive Tyldesley: “Remember the name! Wayne Rooney!”

You can watch the game when a prominent forward introduced himself to the world in 2002.  By this time, there were already some rumors that a developed young talent was studying at Goodison. And so he finally managed to show the wide football audience what he is worth. It was an Everton-Arsenal match when Rooney was just 16 years old. Arsenal was a formidable team that had not lost in 30 matches. But it did not go further because the teenager’s impeccable technique and brilliant confidence helped to score the winning goal. It was at this point that the commentator urged football fans to remember this guy’s name. The world has witnessed the arrival of a new star. The interesting fact is that it wasn’t actually Ronney’s debut; he had already made appearances. Therefore, it can be argued that it was Clive Tyldesle’s quote that highlighted his outstanding talent.

John Motson: “Emile Heskey, could it be five?”

True T-shirt fans will remember that game in the World Cup qualifier in Munich when England beat Germany 4-1. There is no doubt in your mind that England has always been a strong team deserving crushing victories. But could the people who were rooting for Germany understand this? This bewilderment was beautifully expressed by John Motson.​​ Paul Scholes was squaring the ball to another footballer when the commentator just asked: “Emile Heskey, could it be five?” Be sure to watch this match to hear the disbelief in the commentator’s voice. The fact that it was the fifth goal against Germany was unbelievable, but it was really hard for people to assume that it was Heskey’s achievement. 

Ernest Okonkwo: “The Guinean number 7 shirt beats Christian Chukwu….He beats Christian Madu…He has beaten 2 Christians. …He must be a Muslim “

We knew Ernest Okonkwo as someone who was absolutely dedicated to his work. He had an excellent command of the language, and therefore could always express as accurately as possible what was happening on the field. Each of his comments had some flavor. If a footballer played very poorly, there were no obstacles for Okonkwo to express his opinion and vice versa. This is a terrific quote he made in the early 80s during a Rangers vs. Pillars match. In fact, it reflects not only one particular football match but the racial situation of the time. You need to have a real talent for this. Watch his games to pay tribute to Ernest Okonkwo and his mastership. 

Brian Moore: “Thomas charging through the midfield… it’s up for grabs now!”

If we were to say who was the originator of football commentary, we would definitely choose Brian Moore. Millions of fans loved listening to his hoarse voice on the radio, which brought emotion to any game. This football commentary was made during practically the last hit in the 1988/89 season. Michael Thomas dramatically scored against Liverpool and helped his team win the first division title.

Ray Hudson: “Messi knows physics, physics knows no Messi”

Ray Hudson is undoubtedly one of the wackiest football commentators ever. Not surprisingly, he is the author of such catchy phrases “he scores goals like he is ordering pizzas”, “It is like…he’s playing a tambourine on his knee.”, “X-rays couldn’t track this guy down.”  It is important to say that not all football fans enjoy such a unique style. Hudson has been ridiculed several times, but this has not become an obstacle at all, and the commentator always finds a way to express his opinion about the players and the situation on the field.

Andy Gray: “Oh you beauty!”

Of course, throughout the history of football, there have been many partnerships with commentators that have helped make the game more fan-friendly. But the partnership that will forever be remembered by the football fan is the partnership between Andy Gray and John Motson at the World Cup. And all because they clearly portrayed a riddle and shared an understanding. In particular, the fan will definitely remember Andy Gray’s extreme excitement, especially his specific screams and funniest commentator moments. For example, at a turning point for Liverpool, when Steven Gerard scored a goal, it became even more interesting due to the best commentary that was “OHHH YOU BEAUTY!! What a hit son! What a hit!”

Alan Partridge: “He must have a foot like a traction engine”

All the commentators we mentioned above have served football for many years and became a true part of the big community. Different fans have different answers to the “Who is the best commentary in the world?” question. Of course, there are a lot of other quotes, and each of the great commentators is renowned for their unique style and sense of humor. The community of football fans is so large that it is not surprising that the art of parody has matured around the art of commenting. In particular, many fans of this sport will definitely appreciate Steve Coogan’s parody Step forward Sir Alan of Partridge. It involves a montage of the totally random 90s football goals that Partridge comments on. Yes, this is a fictional character, but every line of it has become a classic. Without a doubt, the Step forward sketch is considered one of the most cited. And if you haven’t seen this before, we believe it is time to fix this. 


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