However, issues like device formatting or a sudden virus attack can delete all or many images on your devices. Sometimes, a photo you delete intentionally may become important to retrieve later. In such case, you may wonder how to recover permanently deleted photos, you can opt for a capable data recovery software like Recoverit. Wondering why? Learn more about the software and its uses here. 

Part 1: What is Wondershare Recoverit- The Basic Overview 

Wondershare Recoverit is a top-grade data recovery tool for restoring over 1000 types of file, including photo, video, Office files, emails, etc. Moreover, it is accessible on both Mac and Windows computers, and you can recover lost data from more than 2000 kinds of storage devices. These include options like external hard disk, SD card, USB flash drive, digital cameras, pen drive, and more.  In case of problems like virus attacks, formatting, system crash, or accidental deletion, Recoverit is highly valuable for quick data recovery. It allows you to get back deleted data with some simple clicks. The precise quality of the original photo will not get compromised, and you can even preview the right ones before recovering the files. 

Part 2: Features Available in Wondershare Recoverit:

This software has multiple user-oriented features, making it a suitable choice for full-scale data recovery. Particular features make it a notable standout in the matter of how to recover photos smoothly.  Recoverit Photo Recovery first handles a deep scanning process for the best picture recovery process to find all deleted files. You can pause the process at any time or stop it in the middle if you find the ones you want to recover before all files process.  You can easily click on specific photo files to check if they are the ones you want to retrieve back. In the matter of how to get back deleted pictures from the preview, that is also possible if you want to recover files one at a time.  This is an advanced feature available on Recoverit if you want to recover corrupted or fragmented videos besides image files. When recovering deleted videos, Recoverit supports high-definition video recovery in high resolutions like 8K and UHD. 

Use this software to recover multiple video files in batches, even those from other storage devices you connect to the computer, like Digital cameras or DSLRs.  Additionally, Recoverit offers the high-grade function of recovering files from crashed computer devices as well. You can use the Bootable Toolkit available to Standard and Premium plans to develop a bootable disk/USB drive. You can use this in the question of how to get deleted pictures back from your crashed PC. Plus, the process is secure, and you can transfer files without additional issues.  For complete beginners, the Newbie Wizard function is extremely handy for understanding the full process of using the software for recovering lost or deleted photo files. Additionally, all plans for this software assure free tech support for the users, easily accessible through email or chat. Tutorials and guides are also available. 

Part 3: Step-by-side guide into how to use Recoverit for recovering deleted images

Step 1: Download and install Recoverit Photo Recovery on your PC or Mac.  Step 2: Choose the folder or disk drive to recover photos when it launches. Click on it to press the Start button.  Step 3: The software will deeply scan the device- wait for it to complete loading all files.  Step 4: Select the files to restore and press the Recover button. Or, double-click on singular photos to preview them and hit Recover. 


The data is not overwritten during the process if you save it in another drive.  The recovery process is very quick.  You can choose photos per file format, like GIF, JPG, etc. 


The recoverable files cannot be over 100 MB in the free version. Users must get a paid plan to get Bootable Toolkit support for recovering deleted photos from crashed computers.

Part 4: How to get it?

If you are interested in using Wondershare Recoverit for recovering permanently deleted data, it is available through Recoverit official website. Get a free trial version on Windows or Mac, or buy the upgraded version directly from the site. 

Part 5: Price and Plans  

Multiple payment options are available for Wondershare Recoverit and a free version. However, the free version has limited features.  Additionally, the paid plans are divided into three categories for different users. 


People wanting to purchase the license per PC/Mac device can choose out of three options with additional features. The cost schedule is annual.  For Windows users:

Essential– USD 69.99/year  Standard– USD 79.99/year  Premium– USD 99.99/year

For Mac users:

Essential– USD 79.99/year Standard– USD 99.99/year Premium– USD 139.99/year 

The Standard plan comes with the Essential plan’s features and a Bootable toolkit. Plus, the Premium plan comes with all features of the first two plans, with Advanced Recovery features. 


The Teams can open for a full-scale Recoverit plan for up to 5 members at USD 119.99/year on Windows or USD 159.99/year for Mac.  Businesses can opt for a personalized plan with a quoted price. 


Teachers can get a licensed plan at the quoted price.  For students, there are three varieties of 1-year software licenses:

Premium– USD 69.99 (Windows)/ USD 97.99 (Mac) Standard– USD 55.99 (Windows)/ USD 69.99 (Mac) Essential– USD 48.99 (Windows)/USD 55.99 (Mac)

Part 6: Final Words 

For properly restoring your lost or removed photos, Recoverit is one of the best solutions available to try out. It assures zero loss of quality or data and is highly simple to work with. So, give it a try and let us know your experience. 


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