The body weighing scale industry has developed over the last couple of decades. Once there were those analog scales that had numbers at an interval of 5s, then more precise scales were launched. The digital scales, not just only displayed kilograms or pounds but also displayed grams or ounces up to 3 decimal places. Then came the smart scales which measured body fat and total body water along with the total body weight. Withings Body Comp Scale will be available in the last quarter of 2022. Withings announced its release date and highlight features a couple of hours ago. Let us check things related to the latest Body Comp Scale in detail.

Withings Body Comp Scale’s Availability and Price

Withings have announced that the Body Comp Scale will be available on market from October 4th, 2022. The smart scale will come with 12 months of the Health+ program against a cost of $209.95 in the States. Also, read Sony Announces Xperia 5 IV: Price, Features, and More

Features Of Withings Body Comp Scale

Withings Body Comp Scale is claimed to be the most precise scale to assess advanced body composition, cardiovascular insights, and much more. The next level body composition smart scales like Withings Body Comp Scale are on the market. These scales have much more features as compared to previous scales.

1. Health+ program

Withings Body Comp Scale comes with a 12 Month Health+ program. Health+ is an improved in-app guide for health improvement. It delivers in-depth biomarker analysis. The program drives users by challenging them with daily tasks. It will guide you daily to make a healthy habit that will be easy to follow. Health+ is a new service provided by Withings. It works in pairs with the data and follows behavior change science guides.

2. Usage

Withings Body Comp scale can be used by up to 8 set up users. These 8 users can benefit from both the scale’s features and the included Health+ program. The scale is able to recognize the users, which means you do not have to select a user on its app while checking your metrics.

3. Connectivity

Withings Body Comp scale can be connected to its app over wifi. This helps in updating your body metrics whenever you step on the scale without having your paired phone with you. Apart from Withings App you can connect the Withings Body Comp scale with more than 100 apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, Nest, Garmin, Adidas, Apple Health App, Lose it!, Samsung (Health App), Yazo, IFTTT, etc. It almost supports all popular fitness program apps on both iOS and Android devices.

4. Body Assessment

Withings Body Comp scale uses a multi-frequency bioimpedance study to provide accurate body composition metrics. It measures Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Fat Mass, Water Mass, and Muscle Mass.

5. Cardiovascular Assessment

Withings Body Comp scale uses 3 key metrics: Pulse Wave Velocity, Vascular Age, and Standing Heart Rate for cardiovascular assessment. These key metrics help you to identify changes in your overall cardiovascular health and monitor your heart and blood vessels.

6. Battery and Modes

The Withings Body Comp scale has a battery life of up to 18 months. The scale has Baby Mode to record the weight of babies. It has Athlete mode too which is designed for the most active people in your family.

What is New in Withings Body Comp Scale?

There are some new features added to the Withings Body Comp. Three of them are important: Also, read How to Watch Apple Event on September 7 & What Products to Expect!

My Personal Review On The Withings Body Comp Scale

I am personally impressed with the new feature Nerve Health Score. This feature will make life easy. The high precision sensors and Health+ program are other better things on Withings Body Comp Scale. And I feel the design is better than the other scale models of Withings. However, there is no mention of Pregnancy tracker as it was there on the previous scale. Body Cardio and keeping the same number of users is a problem here. Adding users would have helped small groups and offices as well.

Wrapping Up

The Withings Body Comp scale is going to change the way of measuring body weight. The ability to assess nerve health at home will be helpful in monitoring chronic disorders like diabetes, neurology, and oncology. The new Health+ app will be helpful as well. That is all about the Withings Body Comp scale. For more updates keep surfing Path of EX.


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