Chat GPT has now released a chrome extension. You can now get ChatGPT for Google. Since the application is so amazing you can now add it to your chrome browser as well. Chat GPT Playground has been able to overcome the limitations of the former version of the platform. Chat GPT Playground has been designed to be adaptive to new challenges and updates. But since Chat GPT has been temporarily closed for new users, will it become a paid application? Here is everything you need to know about will Chat GPT remain free.

Will Chat GPT Remain Free?

Chat GPT is an AI-backed platform created by OpenAI. The application is free to use and will remain free even in the future, as confirmed by Sam Altman. The platform requires you to have an active account of OpenAI to use it. But since Chat GPT blew up on the internet in the past weeks, it has closed new registrations. OpenAI has officially stated that it will be temporarily discontinuing new users for Chat GPT. Since this has happened, users are wondering if Chat GPT will remain free. The application is developed by OpenAI. The company is aimed to make the best use of artificial intelligence. Most of their applications are free to use. But as it received millions of new registrations, the servers at Chat GPT were at capacity. If the platform is to be used free of cost, OpenAI will have to come up with an effective solution to for all the users to use it. Open AI was founded by Elon Musk along with Altman back in 2015. The development to use Artificial Intelligence for the betterment of humans has been in trial since 2015. The research work for GPT was started in 2018. Altman has confirmed that there are plans to monetize Chat GPT at some point. But right now the application will remain free. Also, ChatGPT is At Capacity Right Now: When Can You Use It Again?

Wrapping Up

So, now you know the answer to will chat GPT remain free. The AI platform will remain free for a long time. But the company does have plans to monetize it someday. Follow the website to stay updated on more such topics. Keep scrolling through Path of EX!


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