Mosquito Killer Lamp Emits Carbon Dioxide

The mosquito killer lamp uses UV light and a 1000V grid to kill the insects. It is portable and can be used outdoors. It is the perfect solution for a bug-free 200 square-foot area. Besides being effective against mosquitoes, the light is also a convenient and functional lantern. The Buzzbgone mosquito lamp emits a carbon dioxide-free gas to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and laying eggs. This product works in a unique way to kill mosquitoes. The carbon dioxide gas mimics the emission of human or animal breath. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide gas as it resembles human breath. Mosquitoes, especially female ones, are desperate for blood so they can produce eggs. This mosquito killer is a great option for those who don’t like bug bites.

It Emits Moisture

An electric mosquito killer lamp is a simple, cost-effective way to repel mosquitoes. It emits a high-voltage grid that mosquitoes are attracted to. Once they have made contact with the grid, they are electrocuted and die. Because the electric shock stops the mosquitoes from moving, they are dead in a matter of seconds. An electric mosquito killer lamp does not contain any other chemicals, and it is safe to use in any room. The Sahara Sailor Bug Zapper is a chemical-free, insect-killing electric mosquito killer lamp. It has a wear-resistant ABS body and is odorless. This insect-killing lamp can be placed anywhere, including the bedroom or bathroom. Using the light, mosquitoes mistake the lamp for a human. They are attracted to the light because it looks and feels like a real human.

It Is Non-Toxic

An Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is an ideal way to prevent mosquito bites on your property. This mosquito killer is completely safe for your family and pets, and it uses UV light to kill mosquitoes through physical means. The lamp’s interior reflects light to attract mosquitoes into a Mosquito trap containment unit. The lamp is made from plastic and metal, and it weighs 8 ounces. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and it produces no harmful radiation. It can be easily cleaned and is easy to operate, making it suitable for everyday use in your home, hotel, park, or hospital. The electric mosquito killer lamp is an eco-friendly, safe, and effective way to combat pesky bugs. It functions as an overhead or freestanding table lamp. When it comes to convenience, this portable light is also water-resistant. In addition to killing insects, it also provides perfect we’lighting for your property. Using it to light up your outdoor space is as easy as placing it in a recessed area and using it as an overhead light.

It Is Environment Friendly

The Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp uses a UVA LED bulb that is 365 nm. The third generation UVA light waves used in this mosquito killer lamp kill the insects by inhaling them and drying them out. The mosquito-killing power of this lamp is so strong that it can kill up to 10 million mosquitoes per hour. Because of its environment-friendly design, this mosquito killer lamp is safe for people and the environment. Its slim size makes it portable and hygienic. It is free from odor and toxic chemicals. Its power cord is 110 cm long. It comes in black and white and has a 365-nm range. The light emits a catalytic compound and releases natural carbon dioxide into the air, killing mosquitoes and bacteria. This mosquito killer lamp is perfect for outdoor use and is also very environmentally friendly.


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