The support team of Vanced believes the app would survive in this manner for the next two years. Without any official support, any update to the team of YouTube may be able to break open the functions of the app. So many viewers are even thinking of considering the alternatives to the Vanced app. Hence, let us not beat around the bush anymore and read all the related news for the app below.

What is YouTube Vanced NFT?

YouTube Vanced is a renowned modification of the Android version of YouTube app. It helps you skip ads, enjoy the background music, and skip in-video sponsors. So basically, it helped viewers to have a hassle-free experience of watching videos on YouTube. Also read, YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream in 2022 | Channel Shut Due to Copyright Claim

Why is YouTube Vanced Shutting Down?

YouTube Vanced has operated since 2018. They managed to do away with the legal consequences from Google for circumventing the Premium service in YouTube. YouTube Vanced was happily accepted by many to evade through the Premium services of Google. The backend team has received a cease and desist letter from Google, which has been awaited for a long time as per their statement. Hence, the YouTube Vanced app is no longer a part of any of the videos or can not like any of the services of YouTube. Also, read YouTube Go Shutdowns Out of the Blue | What Google is Planning Behind It?

Why Did Google Shut Down Vanced NFT on YouTube?

Very little is known about the situation, but as per reports, Google is taking down their competitor, which is becoming a strong hurdle in allowing them to sell their premium services. Some even believe that the actions of the YouTube vanced development team have instigated this step. Some speculate that the YouTube Vanced team may have forced Google to take such drastic steps. YouTube Vanced did not end with the NFT sale. They announced that they would avoid cryptocurrency integration in the future. They have never spoken on comments regarding the link between YouTube Vanced NFT and the discontinuation of the app. Also, read 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022 | You Will Love This!

What is the Vanced’s NFT Launch?

Vanced tried to launch and mint its own NFT project in February 2022. Vanced is a popular YouTube client as they allowed users to watch videos ad-free on mobile. Vanced scrapped the project of NFT. The app’s media team posted a letter on its social media channels. People took their letter as a publicity stunt but still the apology letter received over 1.1K likes on Twitter. Vanced has created meme images to poke fun at its own mistake.

Wrapping Up

The news of the discontinuation of the YouTube Vanced app came as a shock to millions of YouTubers and viewers all over the globe. People would miss Vanced on YouTube as they would not be able to enjoy the free services without subscribing to Google Premium.


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