Don’t scratch your head and follow the article until the end to get rid of YouTube not working on Roku. 

Reasons Why YouTube Is Not Working on Roku

When facing a problem like YouTube not working on Roku, remember, there could be several reasons responsible for that. Those reasons include lack of an internet connection, problems with the YouTube account, or the challenges with the Roku streaming app itself. Remember that if YouTube is unavailable, the streaming app will not function on Roku irrespective of everything.  Moreover, if the Roku gadget has not received a firmware update, it can create hurdles in opening an app like YouTube.

9 Simple Steps to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku Problem

There are several ways to resolve YouTube not working on Roku problem, however, the best way is, to begin with, some basic steps:

1. Verify to see if any other devices in your home can connect to the internet

If the residential Wi-Fi web connection is slow, people will be unable to access the YouTube channel on Roku. Follow the steps to troubleshoot your internet connection and reconnect your Roku. The first thing you should do is to relaunch your modem

2. Slow Internet Connection can be the Reason

YouTube not working on Roku kind of issue can also be caused because of the slow internet connection. When you have a slow internet connection, you would face trouble accessing the YouTube channel. The first thing is to test your internet connection along with speed and to see if this is the reason. In case you find the speed is slow, figure it out then by checking what is the actual reason and fixing it to get the YouTube channel running.

3. Home Internet Connection

When your residential internet connection is okay and running well, your Roku gadget might still not be connected to the internet. That is generally the scenario when other devices can connect to the internet, however, neither of the Roku programs open. In order to solve it, one can locate the IP address while going to the Roku’s settings option. In case there is no IP address, reconnect the Roku Device to your wifi platform. Once it is reconnected, the YouTube channel should open. 

4. Restart the Roku Gadget

When your Roku gadget is facing a system or app error, kindly restart the device. By doing so, it will generally clear all the errors. There is an option either to use the restart alternative in the menu or disconnect the Roku when it is plugged in. Then wait for a few seconds and plug the device again. Remember: Once you are done with the restarting option and if it still doesn’t work, then try resetting it. However, resetting will lose you all your personal preferences.

5. Check if YouTube is Down

Sometimes, YouTube servers cause a problem when they are down. In this case, one can not launch YouTube on Roku. This does not allow you to download or watch any video content.

6. Check if YouTube Account is Active

Please ensure that your YouTube account is still active and you are using the correct login details. If your account is deleted or locked because of the incorrect details, it will explain why you are unable to launch YouTube on Roku.

7. Install the YouTube Again

When your YouTube channel on Roku faces difficulties or challenges, reinstall it and shall clear the issue you have encountered.

8. Update the Roku Device

Roku should be updated. If your Roku’s system software is out of date, you may have trouble launching the YouTube channel. The Roku updates automatically itself, but making sure you have more new versions will often settle technical glitches. To update your Roku gadget, follow the instructions below.

9. Choose the Home icon on your Roku Remote.

Click on Settings.Tap on System Settings.Choose the System Update.Click on Check Now.

The latest updates will automatically start on the Roku device.

9. Roku Technical Support

In case nothing has worked after trying all the instructions listed above, you would require to contact YouTube for technical support.

Wrapping Up

Since YouTube and Roku couldn’t come to a deal of service, the YouTube TV channel was inaccessible on Roku for more than 6 months in 2021. The two organizations have reached a deal as of early 2022. In case this happens again, you can open YouTube on your phone or PC and mirror the device to the Roku. I hope, this article regarding YouTube not working on Roku has resolved the issue and you would recommend these steps to others also. Why I am unable to use YouTube on my PC? When you face any issue with YouTube not correctly functioning on PC, there could be a bug with the browser, computer, or web connection. In order to fix this problem, you would require to refresh the YouTube page once, modify the video quality, reopen the browser, clear cache and cookies, else look to play YouTube on a personal browsing session. In case, these steps fail, go for rebooting the router and restart the PC again. What is the Reason for YouTube not Working on TV? When trying to launch YouTube on TV and it didn’t work, there could be an issue with internet speed or connection. Moreover, you would be required to check the model of the TV whether that is compatible or not.


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