The Spotify wrapped will create a personalized Spotify Wrapped playlist for you that will be purely based on your listening patterns. This will exhibit the foremost choices of this year. This article will be focused on why Spotify Wrapped not showing up for you in an all-inclusive manner.

Why is Spotify Wrapped Not Showing Up?

As the Spotify Wrapped 2022 feature came out on November 30, there were thousands of users who reported that the new feature was not showing up for them or working for them. The Spotify Wrapped featured page says that “2022 Wrapped is here. But it’s only available in the Spotify mobile app. Download it now to join in the fun.” But still, there are many users who have already downloaded the app on their device, but the feature is not showing up. Also, read How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022 to Listen Your Best Songs? Twitter is flooded with comments asking for the reasons and the problems they are facing with this newly introduced feature. Some users ask for a lending hand from Spotify, and some ask if the same problem is occurring with others too. The following are some of the tweets from a number of people for Spotify Wrapped not showing Up. Also, read How to Share Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Instagram & SC?

Why is Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working?

Luckily, Millions of Spotify users have already received their personal Spotify Wrapped 2022 and started sharing it on social media platforms. While on the other hand, many users are still wondering about having an in-hand experience with this feature. This is quite annoying for them as Spotify Wrapped 2022 slideshow not working for them. Some Spotify users are commenting on the forums about the issue, and some are making memes on the Spotify Wrapped 2022 that they are facing. One user wrote, “I received my spotify wrapped but I seem to be missing some slides that others recived. I have the basics like Top artist and Top songs but I didn’t recieve slides such as “Seize the Day” and Audio Day. Do I just not get these?” Another also added, “My Spotify wrapped playlist was visible this morning when I went to check the story everything was gone even the playlist was gone.” “My Spotify Wrapped is not working. It just show the playlist of my top tracks but it doesn’t show the stories with all the stats. I’ve updated my app to the latest version but it still does not show the Wrapped Stories.” added another user. Also, read What is Alt Z on Spotify? Find Out The Meaning NOW!

What Can You Do to Fix “Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working”?

As we have already seen that the users are facing the issue with the problem. If you are also one of the users who are facing the same, then there is a fix for you guys that could help you. All the aforementioned fixes may or may not work for you. So it is advised to wait patiently for some time and reopen the app to check if the issue is already fixed. If yes, you can enjoy the new feature; if not, wait for the next update. Also, read How to Create Your Festival Lineup on Spotify Instafest 2022?

Wrapping Up

Spotify Wrapped Up 2022 is one of the anticipated features that most people have been waiting for. With the recent rollout of this amazing feature, some users are experiencing this feature right away, and some are facing the issue of Spotify Wrapped not showing up. However, this article shows some fixes to solve the problem comprehensively. If you find the article insightful, share your thoughts on the recently launched Spotify Wrapped Up 2022.


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