Apple Music Replay is just like Youtube Music recap and Spotify’s wrap-up but with errors. Many users around the world are facing the error while they are loading a song in Apple Music replay. Why is my Apple Music replay not loading? We all want our 2022 best song compiled, and we cannot afford any errors. So, let’s see some fixes asap. Recently iOS debuted a new function called Apple Music Replay 2022 for its famous music streaming platform Apple Music. Some people claim they can’t use this function because it’s currently in the beta testing stage. Are you struggling with the same issue? We’ve got you covered. This post will explain what Apple Music Replay is and will provide five solutions for its malfunction.

Why Is My Apple Music Replay Not Loading | Apple Music Replay Error 2022

The Apple Music Replay feature became live on Tuesday (November 29); however, many customers still can’t access their 2022 Replay because it’s now broken. Numerous Apple Music subscribers have resorted to Twitter to express their frustration that the feature is broken and keeps reloading on their devices. Check out some of the Apple Music Replay error complaint tweets – Also, read Does Apple Music Have Wrapped | Apple Music Wrapped 2022

How To Fix Apple Music Replay 2022 Errors | 6 Fixes 

Even though Apple Music Replay is an excellent feature, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with how it is not working for them. Numerous potential causes & fixes will all be discussed in this section.  Ways to fix Apple Music Replay 2022 Errors –

1. Check Your Apple Music Subscription

The Apple Music Replay function is exclusively available to Apple Music subscribers, and if you quit using the service, you will no longer have access to your Apple Music Replay playlists. So if you’re having trouble accessing your Apple Music Replay playlists, make sure you still have a valid Apple Music membership. You’ll have access once you are an Apple Music subscriber.  Also, read Does Instafest App Work With Apple Music? Know Everything About It

2. Check Your Apple ID

Use the same first Apple ID that you used to subscribe to Apple Music to log in for the first time to access Apple Music Replay stats.

3. Must Listen To Apple Music

why is my Apple Music replay not loading? well, it may be because you didn’t listen to Apple Music. If you just joined the service and are a new Apple Music user, you can experience the “Apple Music replay not working” issue since it lacks information about you. Start using Apple Music and once the system has acquired enough data, it will make a personalized playlist with those songs on it. Also, read How to Stop Apple Music from Automatically Playing | Here Are the 4 Easiest Ways

4. Enable The “Use Listening History” Feature

Apple Music won’t be able to make a personalized wrapped-up playlist for you if you’ve disabled the “Use Listening History” feature. In conclusion, if you cannot access Apple Music Replay playlists, Apple Music might not be able to retrieve your listening history songs. Here’s how to activate the Use Listening History function in your Apple Music app.

Open the iPhone’s settings. Under Settings, locate the Music section and select it. Here, look for the “Use Listening History” section and activate it.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure to have a stable connection. This step is a basic and must-mention factor to fix all the errors.  Also, read How to Get Apple Music for Free? A Guide To Free Apple Music 2022

6. Update Apple Music

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest recent version of iOS that can be downloaded. In some cases, outdated software can make it difficult for Apple Music and Apple Music Replay to sync. Go to Settings and choose Software Updates to download the most recent updates. To ensure that your browser isn’t the cause of the problem, go to your Safari’s general settings and clear all the extra cache and your browsing history. Try again after restarting the browser to access Apple Music Replay. Also, read Is Apple Music Down? How to Fix it | Get A Complete Solution

Wrapping Up

Thanks to this new feature of Apple Music, you may access all of your favorite and most-heard songs in just one personalized playlist. We hope the solutions above will definitely help you resolve your “Apple Music Replay not working” problem asap. I now know why is my Apple Music replay not loading, and I hope you too. Visit Path of EX once for more articles.  Bye Folks!


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