If the device is the latest version with 5G connectivity, and it is still not working, here I am to figure out what the issue can be. Normally, the answer lies in and around us, and we tend to look for solutions here and there. 5G is the advanced version of networking and connecting with the world, and if it is there, there is no harm in availing it. So, let us discuss the response to why is my phone not working. Here I have listed the possible reasons and fixes if the 5G is not working on your phone or device.

Why Is My 5G Not Working?

There can be some obvious reasons that the 5G is not connecting and working for your phone.

  1. The most obvious reason is that the phone is 4G, hence cannot support 5G.
  2. A temporary malfunction can also be a reason for the 5G not working issue.
  3. The place where you reside does not come under the 5G coverage area.
  4. The 5G tower in the periphery of your location is facing issues or is not working properly.
  5. There is a postponed software update on you phone.
  6. Your carrier has a separate plan for 5G, and you are probably paying for the internet services but not for the 5G access. So, check if your carrier is supporting 5G, as it is expected to connect to the phone by default. Also, read How to Turn on 5G on Your Smartphone in 2022?

Why is my 5G Not Working: The Fixes

So, as we have figured out the reasons, let us now focus on the fixes.

1. Switch to Airplane Mode and Back

You might think, why switch on Airplane mode and turn it off? The reason here is when we turn on the Airplane mode; it disables the services like GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE, Bluetooth, etc. So, when we turn the airplane mode off, it most likely enables the 5G automatically. Also, read Which iPhones are 5G? Can I Enable 5G On My iPhone?

2. Restart the Device

It is a simple but logical step. Restart your phone and check if the device catches 5G network; provided your phone is 5G compatible. so, before looking up for specific reasons, fix logical issues.

3. Check Location Specific 5G Coverage

This is again a logical fix. If the area where you reside does not give 5G access, there is no point running around the bush. Check if your carrier offers 5G plans. Even if you have a 5G compatible phone, and are connected to 5G, coverage matters. Moving a few steps far or beyond can move you back to 3G/4G/LTE.

4. Check and Update Phone’s Operating System

Yet another significant thing to consider is to check if your Operating System is updated. The current Operating System comes with the latest fixes for your phone. So, if you have an outdated version of the software, update it. Also, read How Do I Get 5G On My Phone on Android & iPhones?

5. Reinsert the SIM Card

Sometimes, a simple act of reinserting the SIM card can fix the issue. Once, you remove it, clear the cache of the SIM Toolkit. Now, reinsert the SIM, start the phone and check if 5G starts working.

6. Contact Android Support

If you are an Android person and nothing seems to work besides having a good network and 5 G-compatible phone, contact the Android support team. They shall revert and resolve your issue.

7. Contact iPhone Support

If you are an iPhone user, you can contact the iPhone support team. However, they can only help you if your iPhone is 5G compatible. If not, 5G will not work. Also, read Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible & What Samsung Devices are 5G Compatible?

Wrapping Up

So, one of the major reason for why is my 5G not working can be the coverage area. The area where you reside must have 5G coverage, and additionally, your carrier must provide you access. For this, you need to check if they will charge more for the 5G facility on your iPhone or Android. 5G is all about networking, so when it is networking, things like coverage and compatibility are crucial.


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