As we all know, Gaming fans frequently use Twitch to view the streaming of their favorite Twitch channels. More than 26 million people now utilise twitch every day. And the same number goes to Twitch chat users. So it’s pretty important to keep a check on Twitch chat logs, don’t worry if you don’t know how to check Twitch chat logs just scroll on to find out. While watching Twitch streamers, simultaneously, people can interact with one another with this Twitch chat feature. Through Twitch Chat, the site has also given gamers a way to build vibrant communities for their fans and watchers. Viewers can use the chat feature to communicate with the streamer and other viewers while viewing a live stream. Learn every important detail on the Twitch chat window & Twitch chat logs below.

What Are Twitch Chat Logs?

While viewing Twitch streams, viewers and streamers can interact through Twitch chat. The whole chat history of a specific broadcast is what the Twitch chat logs are. Streamers can keep an eye on and manage their communities on Twitch by reviewing the conversation logs and taking the necessary action. Streamers or moderators can remove offensive or inappropriate comments and suspend offenders with the aid of Twitch chat logs. Let’s learn 4 easy ways to keep a check on Twitch chat logs.

How To Keep A Check On Twitch Chat Logs | 4 Easy Ways

Let’s learn some easy ways to Keep A Check On Twitch Chat Logs

1. Use User Search Command

You can search for particular viewers on Twitch using their usernames by using the user search function. It’s also a straightforward command that you can type into your chat box. Enter their username after typing “/user” in the chat box of your channel. That’s it; Twitch will now show all the remarks that a specific person has made in the chat during your stream. This is the easiest way to keep a check on the Twitch chat logs.

2. Use 3rd-Party Chatbots

To keep track of your Twitch chat logs, you can utilise a third-party chatbot tool like Chatty. A Java-based open-source programme called Chatty has a lot of capabilities, including the capacity to automate chat moderation and extract Twitch chat logs history. You can also make use of other 3rd-party chatbots like Nightbot or Streamlabs. Also, read Best Twitch Trailer Makers In 2022 | Features, Tips & Tools

3. Use Chat Moderator View

You can monitor the stream’s chat if you have access to the moderator panel. To access the conversation logs in Twitch as a moderator, all you have to do is switch to the moderator view. At the bottom-right of the screen, click the sword icon to access the mod view. To examine the whole chat history of each viewer on your channel, click on their username.

4. Use Streams’ VOD Playback

A particular stream is archived on your channel as a VOD (video-on-demand) after it has finished. As a result, by watching the VOD, you can see the complete stream as well as the associated live conversations & Twitch chat logs. You may therefore watch your full stream while keeping an eye on the live conversation if you wish to thoroughly review the chat logs for your stream. Also, read Pepega Emoticon Meaning | What Does Pepega Mean on Twitch There are no filters in this approach, so you must watch the entire stream, which takes a lot of time. It is very effective in checking Twitch chat logs, though, as you can see the comments that viewers are leaving while watching your stream using this technique. You can read any comments that were ultimately deleted by moderators if you use VOD playback.

Why You Should Check The Twitch Chat Log | 6 Reasons

Now that we know what is Twitch chat log is and ways to check Twitch chat log. Now let’s see 6 reasons why we should check the Twitch chat log exactly.

To Understand audience behaviorMonitor audience responseLearn new insightsDelete any offensive the moderator’s activitiesTo find out who your most devoted fans are

Wrapping Up

So this was everything you should know about the Twitch chat logs. We learned what is Twitch chat logs, 4 easy ways of checking Twitch chat logs correctly and we also learned why to Check the Twitch chat log. Hope your question has been answered by this blog. Don’t forget to visit Path of EX for more updates.


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