The former photo-sharing app is updated frequently to compete with the other social media platforms. Launched in 2010, Instagram was acquired by Facebook (now Meta Platforms) in 2012 for $1 billion. Recently people have been complaining about the glitch in Instagram stories and how they can’t record a story. To know more about it, stay with us.

Why can’t I Record a Story on Instagram?

To compete with the Snapchat story feature, Instagram launched its own story feature in 2016. In a Story, a person can select a picture, add effects to it and upload it. The Instagram story feature expires after 24 hours. Also, read How to Fix Instagram Camera Not Working | Easy 5 Step Guide to Use Instagram Camera Recently, many Instagram users complained that they couldn’t access their cameras to record a story while many others had issues that Instagram is not letting them upload a picture or video from their gallery.

How to Record An Instagram Story

In order to put a video through an Instagram story, you need to follow the following steps: Note: In order to successfully do the above-mentioned steps, Instagram should have access to your camera. Also, read How to View Instagram Without an Account in 2022 | Top 3 Methods

How to Fix Instagram Story Record Glitch

While Instagram officially has not given any statement or solution to the recent story record glitch. There are a few ways you can try to fix the issue.

Internet Reacts to Instagram Story Record Glitch

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Wrapping Up

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and is loved by the young generation. Instagram updates its features often and recently, Instagram users have been complaining about Instagram Story Record not working. If you are wondering, Why can’t I Record a Story on Instagram, read the entire article, and do share it with your friends.


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