Now, it is even possible to use a smartphone instead of an office suite. Preparing and processing docs become possible anywhere having a smartphone in your hand only. But, if you have paper docs and want to fax those?  You will be surprised but there is no need in searching for working fax machines. You may again use your smartphone to fax, send, or process paper docs at ease. This option gains more popularity among users and that is more than reasonable. Here is why to use faxing for your business and job using a smartphone.

There are many tested things why faxing using a smartphone only is a good idea: You can use this tool anywhere having an iPhone at hand only. You can scan docs anywhere, even far away from an office. And the quality of scans will not suffer, an iPhone has a powerful camera that can ensure the quality. What things are required to make this option work? Only minimal preparations are needed. Find an appropriate surface and lighting to make your faxing done. Processing such photos also takes minutes. Busy people or those who are moving actively between different locations find this option especially helpful. Old-fashioned faxing machines keep scanned docs for an extended period of time. Such tools also lack advanced security measures. This storage is not good from the point of securing personal details and other sensitive information.  But, apps are equipped with appropriate security options. They can ensure safer storage of files scanned and limit the access of third parties. Even such options as using fingertips, e-signature, and face ID may be used to boost the security of the user experience. This approach is much more reliable compared to using faxing machines. Saving and categorizing all scanned docs in one place is an easy thing too. Using folders and identifiers makes the work with such docs more convenient. It is easy to access files anytime. Traditional fax machines use lots of papers annually. Only in the USA, the number of pages created using fax machines is more than 200 billion. When a user prefers faxing apps, he/she makes a small contribution to saving trees and our planet in general. Using fax apps instead of faxing machines consumes less energy also. Using faxing apps is not a costly thing and sometimes it can be even for free. The rates may be charged per page or according to the subscription plan. The last option is more preferable as it provides an unlimited number of pages to fax.  Modern fax apps enable scanning docs quickly. They save time a lot compared with the standard fax machines.

What Faxing App Can Do for You?

If you have confirmed that using a smartphone as a fax machine is a feasible option, there are good options to know about. If you are wondering how to fax on iPhone, it is not a complicated thing at all: You can find a tool in the App Store. Installing it takes minutes but promises to be more than an advantageous thing. Why? Having a faxing tool makes possible the procession of different docs, including such most popular ones as different IDs, cards, bills, letters, certificates, licenses, posters, cards, etc. Scanning docs is an easy process that takes a couple of minutes only. The tool works without delays. Converting docs to the most popular formats, like PDF, JPEG, and PNG is an easy thing.  Processing scanned docs is easy too. If you need to crop a scanned doc, and change its settings, you may do that in a couple of clicks. Scanned docs are also secured. The access is limited in this case. And a user may choose extra security options, like enabling access using fingertips. 

Final Words

Your iPhone can be easily used instead of an office suite and faxing machine. Install an app, pick appropriate options, and make the scans you need. Arranging the surface and lighting for scanning are minor preparations needed to make an option work. Find a tool in the App Store and make your life easier and more convenient.


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