You already know how these things work, somebody posts a random video on TikTok and soon it goes trending. While we cannot say the same about the video, it is only posted yesterday so it’s not trending RN, we can definitely say it is already intriguing TikTokers. And why won’t it? So what’s the deal? Is seekinginfinite on TikTok actually a jury member? What exactly is he taking about the case, especially Amber Heard? Scroll and find out yourselves.

Who is seekinginfinite on TikTok? Is it Jury or a Fraud?

Here’s the thing! On June 2, @user5966617263575 aka seekinginfinite posted with a caption, “My thoughts on the trial. Leave comments if you have any questions about it! #johnneydepp #amberheard #johnnydepptrial #amberheardtrial ##johnnydeppamberheardtrial #court #juror #justiceforjohnnydepp”

Seekinginfinite on TikTok Responds to Comments

After posting the video, as expected many TikTok users commented on the video. They asked him about his reaction to various incidents in court that occurred during the case. Here are the responds seekinginfinite made on TikTok-

What was your reaction when her dog stepped on a bee?

She seemed to just be pulling stories out of the air at that point!

Why 13mil and not 50???

Unrealistic amount and not all the jurors agreed on amounts. Found a happy medium. Also, read Who was Mercedes Palacios | Tragic Death of Jeff Gladney and his Girlfriend

Question: Can you give any insight as to why you found in Amber’s favor on one statement? P.S. Thank you.🙏

It was a compromise the jury has to be unanimous. I was all in favor of Depp 100% what was you slash the

Were there moments in the trial that helped you see who was the actual victim here?

Yes, she reminded me of my ex how she used to gaslight. I trusted my gut. (PS- It is just a perfect answer people on TikTok would believe)

Did the jury notice that she never shed a real tear?


Did everyone on the jury hate Amber?

Not hate, but most didn’t empathize.

What would say was the moment that you were like NOPE..if she’s lying about this she’s lying about everything?

I would say the donation/ pledge to charity.

Did any of the jurors believe Amber?

Wouldn’t say believed her. But saw it as they thought both were guilty of defaming each other.

Now that you have seen social media, is there anything you’ve heard or read that would’ve changed your decisions had you known it b4?

I guess it’s seeing a compilation of mannerisms from both sides. Seeing it in that context makes it much more obvious and all the insight from TikTok. Also, read Are Alyssa Mackay and Levi Underwood Broken Up? Who’s Single Now?

Is Seekinginfinite on TikTok A Juror?

First of all, why would a juror, who wants to be anonymous, wish to have a “penny for your thoughts” session on TikTok? Secondly, if he doesn’t follow pop culture and wasn’t active on TikTok during the case, then how does he has used the exact hashtags on TikTok that are trending.
Thirdly, what sane person says, “That was my gut feeling” and “Amber Heard, what a crazy woman“.
Among many other valid points from the TikTok, these ones were the most relevant and you can definitely be certain, that seekinginfinite on TikTok is not a juror for Johnny Depp vs Amber Heart defamation case.

Watch seekinginfinite TikTok Video!

Wrapping Up

If you have gone through the whole video, then you probably know that seekinginfinite TikTok can be a fake account actually. All the answers are indeed insightful but any smart person can give realistic replies to people who ar more likely to believe you than not. That was all about this article on “Who is seekinginfinite on TikTok? A Juror or a Fraud?”. I hope you got what you were looking for. Explore Path of EX for more fun and helpful stuff!


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