Mastodon has the potential to become an apt alternative to Twitter as it is also a microblogging site, much like Twitter. You just need to create an account on a specific Server of your interest, and you will enter a new world of Social media, unlike the one you have been using till now. Not just that, but you can actually create your own Server and set its rule and regulation which pleases you. Isn’t it interesting? But being a new user, you might face some decision-making issues like which Mastodon Server to join but no worries! I will address the issue in this article. So it is time to shift from tweets to toots, but for this transition, you first need to choose a Mastodon Server for yourself. Why wait, then? Let’s figure out which Mastodon Server to join.

What is a Mastodon Server or Instance?

Before knowing which Mastodon Server to join, you need to understand what Mastodon Server actually is. Mastodon is not a single website like your other social media handles. Mastodon is made up of users on different Servers. Again the question arises, what is this Server actually? Each Server, also known as the instance, is a community of users with shared interests. To use this platform, you need to create an account with a provider of your choice, which is nothing else but a Server, and this will let you connect with other people across Mastodon. So in simple words, you actually need to connect with any of the Servers to connect with other users, irrespective of the Server they are part of. Without creating an account with a Server, you cannot use this platform, so joining a server is mandatory. Every Server on Mastodon is operated by an independent organization or individual. And these Servers have their own set of moderation policies which you need to abide by to be a part of that specific Server. After creating an account with a Server, you can start following others. Being a part of one Server doesn’t mean you cannot move to different Servers. You can do this anytime you wish to without losing any followers. If you want complete control of a particular Server in such a case, you need to create your own Server. And this is possible because it is an open-source platform, meaning original source code is publicly available and can be redistributed and changed. So if you want to create your own Server, you can do this and also can set rules and regulations for your Server. And do remember you can enforce these rules, too, as you have created this Server. Mastodon is not a single network where everyone belongs to the same Server but a decentralized one within which you have several communities to join and follow. With each passing day, more and more Servers are cropping up as the result of the mass migration from Twitter to Mastodon.  Also, read How to Turn On Dark Mode on Mastodon Android and iOS Apps

Things to Consider Before Knowing Which Mastodon Server to Join

A list of all the available Servers is on Mastodon’s official website, and there are plenty of categories to choose from. But before joining these, you need to consider certain things. And it is equally important to know along with knowing which Mastodon Server to join. Most of these Servers operate in English, but they are usually region-specific networks where English is not used as the first language. So don’t forget to check it up before signing in to a particular Server.  You cannot directly join each and every Server. For some specific Servers, you need to send a join-in request, and if your request gets approval, then only you can be part of that particular Server. But don’t worry. It is not the case with each and every Server. Apart from these aspects, you don’t need to worry as there is something for each one of you. You just need to figure out which community you want to be a part of based on your interests. Also, read Mastodon vs Discord: Which One is the Best Platform (2022)

Which Mastodon Server to Join?

Once you completely understand what is a Mastodon Server, choosing which Mastodon Server to join becomes a bit easier. As Mastodon Server is a community of people with shared interests, it is totally up to you which Mastodon Server to join. You can choose from a list of available Servers currently operating depending on your interest,  preferences, and views. To make this task easier for you, they have categorized various Servers under categories like General, Regional, Technology, LGBTQ+, Music, Gaming, Art, Furry, Activism, and Food. Just open the category of your interest and join any one Server, and that is it. Just keep it clear that when you sign in on Mastodon, you are actually signing up for a specific community rather than a social media site. And to join another Server, you need to leave the current Server you are part of, or you need to make a secondary account of Mastodon. But that doesn’t mean you can not see content from other Servers. You can always check Federated Timeline to get updates from multiple Servers. And the Local timeline displays posts from the people on your Server. Clear? If Yes! Then proceed to the list of Mastodon Server categories under which I have named some of the Servers of that particular category that you can join. This will help my new users to find out which Mastodon Server to join. Also, read How to Get Verified on Mastodon: Here is the Easiest Guide

General Category Servers

The most popular Server under the general category is This Server is a good choice for someone who is a new user as this Server provides a decent chatter front and center for its user. This Server’s main policy is to prohibit toxic behavior which migrated Twitter users have experienced on that platform. Similar Servers which you can join from the general category are and

Activism Category Servers

The Best Server for any activist on Mastodon is If you are a keen social activist or environment activist and are interested in becoming a part of a Server whose community is Climate conscious, you can try joining, for the eco-central world, and for the biological ecology and evolution community. Also, read How To Post On Mastodon In 2022? Dig Into Mastodon Features

Music Category Servers

If you want to be a part of a community where people have music fever, then you can join,, etc. The latter is advisable if you are a fan of wild raves, but if you are into metal music, then you should try the first one. If you are a K-Pop music fan, then you can join is another dedicated Server for culture and events such as music, poetry, and comedy. is a self-managed social network devoted to underground music.  Also, read How to Turn Off Animated Emojis in Mastodon? A Step-by-Step Guide

LGBTQ+ Category Servers

If you are someone from the LGBTQ+ community or have empathy for them, you should check out and Also, you can join if you are a tech worker, academics, student, and others in tech who are LGBTQA+ allies. for all LGBTQ+ people who are looking for a safe and caring environment on this platform. Also, read Change Notifications Settings on Mastodon | Clear, Disable & Filter Your Mastodon Notifications

Technology Category Servers

If you have a keen interest in modern Technology, then you can join and, especially if you are a Software developer or someone who aspires to be one. For Technology related content, you can join Servers like,, for networking and Linux, for Infosecurity, and, the biggest tech-related community centered around open-source software. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) enthusiasts and scholars can opt for and Also, read How to Turn Off Animated Avatar in Mastodon With 5 Easy Steps

Artists Category Servers

If your area of interest is Art and you are looking for some servers to join from the Artists category, then you can join For professional artists could be the best option as it is a community for VFX and 3D artists, different kinds of designers, and illustrators. There is another Server,, which can be used by all professionals and students alike. For all handmade artisans and their Etsy shops, you can join Also, read How to DM with Mastodon: A Guide to Getting Started

Furry Category Servers

For furry fandoms, Mastodon has many Servers, out of which you can join for furry-related art and for Fandoms who like to talk about your favorite media. You can also join other Servers like,,, and many more.

Gaming Category Servers

If you are a trending games lover, then you would like to be part of and Server.  Also, read How To Setup Mastodon Profile Metadata? Here’s How To Do It

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know which Mastodon Server to join out of the available list of Servers. So look for a Server that best suits your interest. And also the rules and regulations of which Server are acceptable to you. That’s it; there is nothing much left to think about as you can always see the content from other Servers irrespective of the Server you are part of. So go ahead a select a Server and start exploring Mastodon today. Do let me know about your experience; until then, Take care and keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for any query related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Bye! Bye!


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