The movie is displaying what will be the impact of overpopulation on the earth. Also, all the nations will take action to cut down population number. Along with this, authorities will take illegal activities to protect their families from the repercussions of the measure to control the population. The movie based on this fictional story named The Thinning was created and directed in the United States. It was originally made in the English language.  The movie has gained lots of popularity in all groups of ages. Along with it received great reviews from the critics. Keep reading the article to get the information on platforms concerning where to watch The Thinnings.

Plot of The Thinning

The story of The Thinnings is a future-based fiction, which displays how governments all over the world will react to overpopulation. It displays the earth being overpopulated in 2039. The result of an increase in population forced the United Nations to declare that every nation should cut the population by 5% annually. After the factual data of the increase in population, the United Nations introduced a test named 10-241 or ‘Thinning.’ The importance of these tests is that those who will fault it will be ones for existence. Blake Deans and his girlfriend named Elie Harper gave the exam together, but only Blake passed. Being a son of Taxes Governor Dean Redding, Blake requested his father to pass his girlfriend in the exam, but he refused to do so. A year later, when Blake again went for the test, he made the video, claiming in the test he would deliberately fail to check his father’s loyalty.  Manson King got an order from Reddings to pass Blake regardless of his score. At the time of the result, Mason swapped his score with a genius classmate named Laina. To help Laina, teacher Ms. Birch secretly handed her the keys to unlock the room where she found the records. Blake also helped her in the same. But later, Laina was recorded on camera. After the video got viral, Redding was left with no option other than failing all involved, including his son Blake. After they failed, they were all introduced to the underground elevator, where all worked for Tech company. In the end, Blake wakes up from his sleep after having a drug named sleep drug, and he sees a blonde girl, Ellie. Also, read Where to Watch Buko No Piku | Is it Streaming on Funimation or Netflix?

Where to Watch The Thinning

Being a fictional movie fan, I bet you will fall in love with The Thinning. Do not stress about where to watch the Thinnings. To save your time, I have mentioned the platforms where you can watch The Thinning. 

1. The Thinning on Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service. It offers ad-free viewing of all the videos, movies, web series, and exclusive paywalled content made by famous YouTube personalities. Youtube Premium does have The Thinning on it. You will also get a Youtube music Premium subscription along with all this. The subscription for Youtube Premium is as follows.

Android devices $11.99 per month. iOS devices are $19.99 per month. Youtube family subscription for $22.99 per month. Student subscription costs are $8.99 per month.

There are many channels covered under Youtube Premium. Some of them are ABC, NBC, FOX, Adult Swim, and many more. Moreover, the devices you can watch Youtube Premium are Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Google Pixel, Desktop, Oppo, and many more.  Also, read Where to Watch 22 Jump Street | Is it Streaming on Prime Video or Vudu?

2. The Thinning on Disney Plus

Disney plus is a streaming home for Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and many more. It is a platform where you will get new releases, originals, and series from the creators of Disney. Along with this, Disney Plus has The Thinning. The channels associated with Disney plus are Disney Junior, Disney channels, DCOMs, and many more. When you want to subscribe to Disney Plus, you can choose any of the below-mentioned offers.

Disney Plus subscriptions for a month are $8 per month. Disney Plus subscriptions for a year are $8 per annum.

Also, read Where to Watch Perfect Blue | Is it Streaming on Prime Video or Roku?

3. The Thinning on Hulu

Hulu is an American streaming platform. It has a wide variety of television series and films. Along with it, Hulu has The Thinning on it. Hulu became the first platform to add Plus in its name in 2010. Hulu’s parent company is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution.  Hulu has more than 75 live and on-demand channels like BET, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, and many more. Ad-supported plans of Hulu  Hulu plan with ads for a month is available at  $6.99/month.  Hulu Plan with ads for a year is available at  $69.99/year. Without Ad-supported plans of Hulu  Hulu’s plan to watch series and movies without ads is $12.99/month. Hulu Live Now  You can subscribe to Hulu Live now at $69.99 per month. Devices where you can operate Hulu Mobile-  Android, iPhone, tablets. Gaming Consoles-PS3, PS4, PS5 Also, read Where to Watch This Is The End | Is it Streaming on Hulu or Netflix?

Wrapping Up

The information shared in the article is very helpful for fiction lovers to find the platforms concerning where to watch The Thinning. I’m very sure you all will be in love with this movie. Do share in the comments your reviews for the movie.


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