In the story, the small boy’s wish comes true, by wishing his desire at the shooting star. In Ted, it shows how friendship changes your life, how a friend cares for you, tries to do everything which makes his/her friend happy. The Ted was released in the theaters in 2012, it is a great laughter dose of 110 minutes. Along with the smiles, Ted bought on everyone’s faces. It also filled the film with lots of profit. The movie was made with a budget of $50-65 million and made a global profit of $549.4 million.   To have your share of laughter from Ted, you can keep scrolling to recognize the most suitable online streaming platform concerning where to watch Ted. Do share in comments how you feel about the story and if you want your teddy bear to be your friend.

Overview of Ted

The story of Ted is based on an unusual wish of an 8-year-old boy (John Benett) turning to reality, with a shooting star. He wishes his teddy bear to be alive and be his friend. His wish comes true, he manages to stay all his life with his teddy. When he grew up in his thirties, he was still very close to his friend’s teddy bear (Ted). Soon after, John begins to date a girl named Lori. But later, Lori found out that John was willing to spend time with Ted rather than her, this fact made her upset. Apart from this, their relationship was filled with fights and misunderstandings, due to which Lori decided to break up with John. Also, read Where to Watch Secrets of Dumbledore | Is It Streaming On Netflix, Peacock TV, or HBO Max After their breakup, John blamed everything on Ted. Thereafter one day Ted managed to solve John and Lori’s relationship problems. Soon after that Ted was kidnapped by a lady named Donny who wanted Ted for so long for her kid. But after that incident, Ted was able to reach a phone and contact John and Lori. Before they could reach Ted, he was being harmed by Donny. At that time Ted told John and Lori to start to stay happy with each other before he again becomes a Teddy bear. After seeing such a painful state of Ted, Lori was praying for his recovery, soon she found a shooting star and wished for his well-being. To everyone’s amazement, Ted recovered.  Also, read Where to Watch Bondi Rescue | Is it Streaming on Netflix or Prime Video

Where to Watch Ted

To watch a movie where a shooting star’s wish of a small boy turns into reality. This movie is named Ted. It is full of laughter, entertainment, and romance, do not miss such a full package film. To know where to watch Ted, keep scrolling the article.

1. Is Ted on Vudu

Vudu is a streaming platform that offers free and paid content without a monthly fee. This is due to the amazing feature of Vudu of renting movies and TV shows for 24 hours. Also, you can watch Ted on Vudu. It has over 8000 television channels and 24000 title catalogs like A&E, ACC Network, AMC, BET, BBC America, and many more. Vudu was acquired by Walmart in 2010. The offers of subscribing to Vudu are very simple and pocket-friendly. Let’s have a look.

Rental pricing ranges from $.99 to $5.99.Purchase pricing ranges from $4.99 to $24.99. 

Devices where you can watch Vudu  You will be very happy to read that Vudu is available on almost all devices, namely iPhones, iPads, Android phones, game consoles, Windows, Macbooks, Blu-ray players, and many more. Also, read Where to Watch Bad Moms | Is It Streaming On Netflix Or Vudu 

2. Is Ted on Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that provides its members a platform where they can watch movies and webseries. You can connect Netflix to your devices and also you can download your favorite shows and watch them offline. The great news is that your search regarding the streaming concerning where to watch Ted stops right on Netflix. The channels which are connected with it are Oscar Movies, India News National, and many more. In case you are looking for getting a subscription for the same.

 For Basic subscriptions, $9.99 per month.For Standard subscriptions, $15.99 per month. For Premium subscriptions, $19.99 per month

Devices where you can use Netflix There are plenty of devices where you can watch Netflix. They include Smart TVs, Game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows, Macbooks, and many more. Also, read Where to Watch Made in Abyss | Is It Streaming on Netflix or Prime or Vudu?

3. Is Ted on HBO Max

HBO Max is a streaming platform, it displays all the HBO along with the must-watch web series, hits, and super hits movies, also it has Max originals. Moreover, HBO Max has Ted on it. HBO Max is available in English, Spanish, Swedish, and many more languages. HBO Max was launched in May 2020.  Beyond the originals, HBO has a wide range of TV series from channels like CNN, DC, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, and Adult Swim. HBO Max Subscription Plans

Basic plan of HBO Max for a month with Ads is $9.99 per month.Basic plan of HBO Max for a year with Ads is $95.88per annum.HBO Ads-free subscriptions for a month are $14.99 per month.HBO Ads-free subscriptions for a year are $143.88 per annum.

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Wrapping Up

You love to watch comedy movies, nothing can beat the fun and innovative story of Ted. Count on my words and this weekend watch your missed laughter from Ted. After watching it, I assure you those 110 minutes of the movie will be the best part of your day. Also, Ted will be on your favorites list and you will recommend it to others. Along with that do recommend this article too, it will help others to discover the most suitable platform regarding where to watch Ted.


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