But during these Corona times, people are worried whether going for live viewing to stadiums and event locations would be a safe choice? Well, that is debatable but this doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite sports event. Especially when you have Path Of Ex. So, we have bought you a list of all the channels and streaming sites that will cover the March Madness 2022 live! Sports have become one of the important aspects of our life. The adrenaline rush, the excitement, and the roller coaster of emotions make it one hell of an entertainment. And no matter the circumstances, we won’t let you miss out on one of the most significant basketball events- March Madness 2022.  A total of 68 teams will participate to compete for the NCAA National Champions title that will be held from 13 March to 4 April. So, get your shorts on, roll the ball and start taking notes of where you can watch March Madness 2022 Live? 

NCAA Tournament March Madness 2022

For 80 years, the NCAA tournament March Madness has been one of the crucial sporting events in America. In this much-awaited event, 68 teams are selected to compete in a worldwide competition for the title of NCAA National Champions. It is constantly been a mine that has discovered many Basketball Gems. Many historic memories and legendary basketball players have sprouted from the NCAA March Madness tournament. 

Locations of the March Madness 2022 Event

March Madness is played at multiple locations and venues.

2022’s First and Second round games will be played at venues stretching from KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York to Viejas Arena in San Diego, CaliforniaThe first Four games are being held in their traditional Dayton, Ohio location. Regional games will also span the country with match-ups taking place in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, and San Antonio. Finally, Men’s Final Four showdown will be held at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dates of the March Madness 2022 Event-

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How To Watch March Madness 2022 Live?

You can enjoy all the Basketball sports matches held under the March Madness Event on various platforms- From TV channels to the Internet site, many streaming services will cover this event Live.

1. March Madness On TV

Us television Rights of NCAA Tournament March Madness has been bought by CBS Sports and Turner Sports. Tv Channels that will broadcast March Madness event-

2. NCAA March Madness On Internet

Wanna know which online sites will stream March Madness online? Read along-

CBS All Access – For CBS service subscribersCBS App and CBS Sports website – Authentication RequiredTBS App and TBS website – Authentication RequiredTruTV App and TryTV website- Authentication RequiredMarch Madness App-  A full coverage of all the games

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3. March Madness On Radio

For all the Live Hearing of NCAA March Madness events- switch to Westwood One. It has all the exclusive radio rights to the entire tournament.

4. NCAA March Madness Live Audio Coverage 

NCAA March Madness Live (website and app)Westwood One Sports websiteTuneIn (website and app)Websites and apps of Westwood One Sports affiliates

Can I watch March Madness 2022 on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Wrapping Up

These are all the ways how you can catch your favorite Sports event- the March Madness NCAA Tournament of 2022. Don’t be upset if you don’t get to watch it live at the venues. These streaming sites and Live Channels will surely provide you optimum experience and will give you one hell of an entertaining session. Now you can enjoy the madness of March Madness from the comfort of your home. I hope you found what you were looking for. For any further queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ping in the comment section below. Keep visiting Path Of EX. 


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