Dewott is a water-type Pokemon and belongs to generation V. Pokemon Dewott is not considered part of the Great League by Pokebattler. Dewott has no Pokemon entries in generation VII, Brilliant Diamond, and Shiny Pearl. Moreover, Dewott is a sea otter Pokemon with samurai traits.  Dewott is an otter-like Pokemon with a navy blue apron and two scalchops. It has special attacks power, which will make your team win. Do not be confused about where to find Dewott. Keep scrolling down, and you will find your answer.

Ways to Locate Dewott

There are two specific ways to find Dewott in the Pokemon Legend Arceus. 

1. Starter Pokemon

One of the best ways to add a valuable Pokemon (Dewott) to your team is by choosing it as your starter Pokemon. A player can prefer this option only when they are aware of the Pokemon game from the beginning. Also, along with that player, you should be aware of every Pokemon’s powers before deciding to add Pokemon to their team. Also, read Where to Find Dartrix (2022) | Locate Dartrix in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

2. Space-Time Distortions

You heard me right; you can find Dewott at Space-Time Distortion. In Space-Time Distortion, Alabaster Icelands is the place that has maximum chances to locate Dewott. It is not a cake slice to catch Dewott in Space-Time Distortion. A player must be very alert. Also, read Pokemon Games in Order (Updated 2022) | Pokemon Revolutionary Era

Details to Locate Dewott

Hisui Pokedex: #007 Oshawott Type: Water EXP Group: Medium Slow Height: 2’07” Evolution: Oshawott > Dewott (Level 17) > Hisuian Samurott (Level 36) Characteristics: Its exquisite double-scalchop technique is likely the result of daily training, and it can send even masters of the blade fleeing in defeat. Dewott Location in Pokemon Arceus:

Evolves from Oshawott at Level 17.

Dewott Stats:

HP: 75Attack: 75Defense: 60Special Attack: 83Special Defense: 60Speed: 60Total Combat Points: 413

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Wrapping Up

It is very difficult to catch a Pokemon with less combat Power (CP). Being a Pokemon Legend Game lover, you must be aware that Dewott has low CP. The combat Power of every Pokemon determines how well Pokemon will perform in battle.  A player with an ambition to add Dewott to their team has to make extra efforts. To achieve your ambition (where to find Dewott) player can refer to the information mentioned above.


Where to Find Dewott  2022    Catch Dewott in Pokemon Legend  Arceus - 96Where to Find Dewott  2022    Catch Dewott in Pokemon Legend  Arceus - 94Where to Find Dewott  2022    Catch Dewott in Pokemon Legend  Arceus - 92Where to Find Dewott  2022    Catch Dewott in Pokemon Legend  Arceus - 17