In case, If you have given thought to purchasing a Vizio TV or already made a purchase, you may have observed that it lacks a conveniently readable, explicitly listed power button. It’s worth exploring the power button position here on Vizio smart TV. In this article, I’ll describe how to find the Power Button on a Vizio TV. Let’s see where to find it.

Where is The Power Button on my Vizio Tv?

The power button on a relatively new Vizio TV is positioned on the rear portion, just next to the bottom right corner. Assess the bottom right side cautiously for numerous other buttons as well as ports. In the older Television sets of Vizio, You can find the power button positioned on either the front or bottom left corner of the bezel. The buttons on older Vizio TVs seem to be very visible, and then if you can’t notice them, you could perhaps locate them quickly by experiencing all around casing with your hands. They can be noticed both on the left and right sides, despite the extra room between the facade and the Television being subtly different. To switch on and off Vizio TV, tap the button at the very top of the continuous line. That’s how easy and effortless it is to locate where is the power button on my Vizio TV. Also, read How to Add HBO Max App to Vizio Smart TV? A Step-by-Step Guide

Where is The Power Button Layout on Vizio TV?

The power button on a Vizio television is challenging to locate for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, Television models, which are more magnificent, lighter, and refined than ever before, often compromise details and facts, such as the Power Button On Vizio TV. You might well be able to spot the subtle inscriptions on each button if you search there next to your Television set. When using a pointing device, there are typically 3 buttons. Each and everyone can do something distinctive function. Also, read How to Use Netflix Without a Smart TV? 6 Smart Ways in 2022

How to Switch on Vizio TV Without a Remote?

Unless you can’t access your TV’s buttons or are unhappy with how they operate, there are additional possibilities that you can access at your own comfort. Television sets come with remotes for something like a purpose, and it’s a compelling reason. No one wants to leave the comfort of the couch and change the channel using Television buttons every single time. Your existing Vizio TV remote could have been misplaced or damaged. Although if you are without the remote, there are various options for managing your TV.

Let’s say you’re allowed to locate the Power Button on your Vizio Tv while behind the TV. You could indeed turn off your television by pressing just on Power Switch On Vizio TV.If you want to switch on your Vizio TV, You can attempt to follow the same method as earlier.When performing either of the following two tasks, you have to be absolutely sure that the TV’s power assistance is switched on and holds power.To switch on the television while holding the switch, start by unfastening the power cable from the circuit board and remounting it.Your smartphone or mobile is the only leftover method for achieving this.Many smartphone companies are offering infrared sensors in smartphones to control television sets.This means that you can access the control television by downloading or installing an application on Appstore/Playstore.

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What is Vizio Smartcast App?

In case, If you’ve misplaced your remote and do not want to succumb to navigating the complicated buttons on your Vizio TV, this Vizio Smartcast application is meant for you. You must install the Vizio Smartcast application on your smartphone and communicate your mobile and TV to an identical Wi-Fi connection. Vizio SmartCast application enables you to manage your Vizio Smart TV from your handset. Users might also actually realize that they do not require a new remote even though attempting to control your Television from your mobile is just as simple. Also, read How to Use an Android Smartphone as a TV Remote

Where is The Power Button on my Vizio TV?

Wrapping Up

Locate the power button on your Vizio TV, and assess the rear side of the TV, just underneath the HDMI and input terminals. Aside from the control procedure you rarely use, a remote always seems to be present to accomplish the same things. I hope you have understood Where is The Power Button on my Vizio Tv. Comment below if this article helps you find out the ports and power buttons in your Vizio TV.


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