Just like the Minecraft Halloween event, it’s Minecraft Christmas now. As the Christmas updates last only a month long, we all wanna know when will the Minecraft Christmas update 2022 come out this year. Let’s find out the Minecraft Christmas update release date. Surely Minecraft has a Christmas update, but when? This is the only thing we are concerned about. Minecraft is a game that specializes in releasing frequent updates. Minecraft is definitely gonna release its Christmas update grandly. Let’s find out more about Minecraft Christmas update 2022 below.

When Does The Minecraft Christmas Update Come Out in 2022 | Festive Event

The Minecraft Christmas update release date is anticipated around the real Christmas day itself, i.e., Dec 25, 2022. Do not hit the break if you want to receive your presents all at once; you can. Since the PC version of Minecraft is expected to update before Christmas Day with a sweet little surprise. Also, read How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft | PS, Xbox, Mobile, PC & Chromebook There are some leaks on new Minecraft skins, which will immediately unlock and be applied if the update releases ahead of Christmas as anticipated. Of course, you can change your time and date settings to retrieve it beforehand manually. The likelihood of a comparable upgrade for the Xbox 360 version is unknown, but a holiday cosmetic pack is surely on the way. Also, read 15 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds in 2022 For an Epic Gameplay | Check Now!

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about this upcoming Minecraft Christmas update 2022. We all learned when does the Minecraft Christmas update will come out in 2022. It should be clear that this is an anticipated date, and the official news of the release date is yet to be announced.  Do share this article with your friends who are waiting for this Minecraft Christmas update and don’t hesitate to comment below. You should certainly follow Path of EX in order to stay updated. That’s all for now. Stay warm and enjoy your holidays with your family and Minecraft. I have a lot of new updates to cover for you; I’ll see you next time in yet another gaming article.  Merry Christmas!


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