Big Roblox games like So even though developers are hard at work for the exciting new GTA 6, they keep us on our toes with festive updates. Let’s read and find out about the new update and when the Christmas update will come out for GTA Game. 

What is The GTA Christmas Festive Event | GTA Christmas Update

GTA has a Christmas event called the Festive Suprise every year, and the same will be in its GTA 5 Christmas Update. The creator of GTA 5, Rockstar Games, loads the games with lots of Christmas-themed stuff during this event. This varies from new Christmas-themed vehicles to weapons and even missions. You can also expect special weapon and car deals during this time.  To add to the vibe, it’s usually snowing in the game during these events! In recent Festive Surprises, Rockstar Games has added all prior Christmas stuff to the fresh content. In case you missed the last few years’ GTA Online Christmas events, logging on this year could make up for that! Also, read Jojoy GTA 5 Mod APK | How To Get GTA 5 Mods on Jojoy

When Does the GTA Christmas Update Come Out?

So far, there’s no guaranteed or official release date for the upcoming GTA Christmas update. Generally, the event starts a few days before Christmas and continues until the new year. Customarily, ever since the game was released in 2013, Rockstar has published the Christmas update on a Thursday. So, naturally, I expect it to start on a Thursday.  So we’ll have to take a look at when the event began previously to guide our guesses. I predict GTA 5 Christmas Update to release on Thursday, December 22, 2022. Our assumption is, obviously, that Rockstar will stick with Thursday as the release day. Also, read How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online | 6 Ways to Earn GTA Money

Rewards in The GTA Christmas Festival Update

If I go by the pattern Rockstar usually follows, I can promise you that your GTA Christmas this year won’t be disappointing. We know GTA doesn’t cheap out on weapons, clothes, and vehicles when it comes to festive updates. And this is just for log-in rewards! Last year, GTA handed out the Gallivanter Baller ST for free during Christmas! And before that, the Grotti Brioso 300!  It’s Christmas, so you will obviously also see Los Santos all dressed up for a holiday. This includes decorations, festivities, and snowballs for the GTA Christmas update! Also, read GTA 5 Cheats & Codes For 2022 | Special Power & Advantages

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know when the GTA Online Christmas Update will come out in 2022. As more facts about the update come to light, I’ll be sure to keep this page updated for you guys. So, be sure to check Path of EX back over the coming weeks!  We ho-ho-hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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