The updates are yet to be introduced on the platform as one is already there. So, you only have to hold back your curiosity and wait for the rest of the updates. I am sure once they are introduced, you will not only love them but also feel much more secure and safe on the platform. Hence, please read our article WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update with all the latest information and enjoy using WhatsApp!

What is The WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update?

WhatsApp has added some new features which are long been demanded by users. These features keep your messages safe and improve your privacy online.

1. Leave Groups Silently

Since August 2022, you will be able to exit a WhatsApp group privately without letting anyone know in the group. Only the admins will be notified. This will remove all the drama or shame you may have faced before leaving the group. You also get rid of the DMs from people to know why you abandon them. This feature is a welcome relief for people who wish to leave the groups quiet. Also, read 11 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for iPhone and Android in 2022

2. Choose People Who Can See You Online on WhatsApp

WhatsApp had a feature where it allowed everyone to know that you were online. Then, it was possible to hide your online status from everyone. Afterward, it became a rule that only people on your contacts list, and people you have messaged before, could see you online. Now, if you are on WhatsApp, you can choose who you can see online. You can only hope that people among your friends and family that you have not white-listed into this exclusive group will not take any offense. Also, read Caution! Don’t Send Red Heart Emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

3. Blocking Screenshot From WhatsApp’s View Once Messages

View Once, or disappearing photos, have become a popular feature for many reasons. It helps to go a long way in preventing illicit content by some people who may have your private photos. But there is always a risk that someone could screenshot the disappearing photo. WhatsApp will now enable a screenshot-blocking feature for View Once messages with an added layer of protection. This feature is currently in testing mode. WhatsApp will announce soon when it will be officially introduced. Also, read How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp? No Backup Required!

Why Has WhatsApp Rolled Out These Privacy Features?

According to a post, the three new features introduced by WhatsApp will give you more control with the interlocking layers of protection. However, according to a report from a magazine, these changes are driven by a new WhatsApp global privacy report that found the following reasons:

  1. One cannot underestimate the impact of the increasing legal scrutiny of big tech by regulators and courts.
  2. When the app can make itself secure, it helps to avoid any liability and negative publicity in the future. These legal suits are directly or indirectly related to crimes or abuses on the app.
  3. WhatsApp can proudly boast about the end-to-end encryption feature in its platform.
  4. It is aware of the need to mitigate the competitive threat from other platforms with robust privacy protections. Also, read How to Video Call on WhatsApp Web on Desktop? (2022)

When Can You Use WhatsApp’s Latest Privacy Features

WhatsApp has clearly stated that the aforesaid features are still undergoing tests and are not live on the app. So please do not get annoyed when you cannot find them. So, wait patiently because WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update features will improve your user experience on the platform and the safety measure you have in your existing version.

Wrapping Up

Like the other instant messaging platforms, WhatsApp has also introduced three new updates on its platform. These updates would hugely benefit their users and help them to have a much better user experience. You must be elated to use them soon on the platform. But as of now, you have to hold back your curiosity. Till then, keep Whattsapping!


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