Why wait, then? Let’s quickly jump into the article without any further delay and explore what’s an Instagram handle.

What’s an Instagram Handle?

Instagram handle is your profile’s address on Instagram, which is unique in itself, just the way you have a unique phone number. Your profile address is your unique URL which can be used to reach your profile, but often when another user tries to search for you, they type in your name and automatically get to see profiles with different usernames specific to a unique person. So you see, this username is something that is unique to its users, and it can’t be shared by two people. A person can share the same name, but you need to choose a unique username to create an account. You must have seen people with underscore, numbers, and space in their usernames. Why do they do so? This is to make their username unique enough to use it. This way, they can get the already-taken username by making a few changes here and there. Also, read What Does Impressions Mean on Instagram? Know About It Now! And this unique username is something that is used by others to tag you in posts and lets other people know your Instagram handle so that they can follow you.

Instagram Handle For Businesses

If you own a business and want to do its branding, then there is no other platform that is best for you than Instagram. And when it comes to Business accounts, it is really crucial to choose the right Instagram handle. It should be like a glimpse of what your business is offering so that customers can get an idea right there when they look at your Instagram handle. So whenever you are about to create a business account, spend a good deal of time thinking about the handle’s name, and I bet you it will be worthwhile. Also, read What is Leave a Note on Instagram | Latest Trending Insta Feature

Instagram Handle For Personal Use

When it comes to a personal account, it doesn’t matter what your Instagram handle is or if it is catchy or not. But what matters is authenticity. So your Instagram handle should give the impression that, first of all, it is authentic, and second, it is simple yet unique. But if you have a personality that does the talk for you, then you can surely add worlds that represent you the best. And if you are looking forward to becoming a content creator or influencer, then you should spend a good deal of time thinking about your handle name. And this is important because, in the future, people are going to recognize you and associate you with that handle. What do you think now? Is it important or not? I know the answer is Yes! haha Also, read How To Turn OFF Instagram Notes | Know How to Use The Updated IG

How to Change Your Instagram Handle?

If you want to change your Instagram handle, which is your username, then here is your step-by-step guide on how to change your Instagram handle. And before doing so, you should know that you can change it back to the previous one anytime till the 14 days period. Okay! Now follow these steps to change your Instagram handle into a new one. Step 1: Open Instagram. Step 2: Tap on the profile icon in the bottom menu bar. Step 3: Click on Edit profile under your bio. Step 4: Tap on Username. Step 5: Type in the new username. Step 6: At last, tap on the Blue checkmark. Also, read How to Share Instagram Profile: Via DMs, QR Code & Profile Link

Tips to Create Instagram Handle

Simple yet Unique: You must have heard less is more, which also applies to a good and unique username. So keep it simple yet unique, just the way you are.

Related to your Niche: Another important thing is to keep the context in mind while selecting a username for yourself. Your username should be in the sink with your niche.

Keyword Research: You can insert certain keywords in the username to make it more attractive and appealing. Look for people from your niche and spend time researching what words they used in their usernames. And you can also try mixing and matching it up to make the one for you.

Use Username Generators: If you find it difficult to decide on a username for yourself, then you can take the help of a username generator also.

Wrapping Up

With this, I came to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know what’s an Instagram handle and how to change your Instagram handle into a new one easily. So try experimenting today itself and change your Instagram handle into something that matches your account’s vibe. And yes! For more such queries, you can always comment in the comments section below. So, guys, that’s it for today. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of Ex, for more such things related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Bye! Bye!


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