So, it is always advisable that when you sell something on Facebook Marketplace, always beware of potential scammers who act as interested buyers. Do not fall victim to malicious activities. I hope the article will highlight this topic more and help you not fall prey to these issues. Read ahead to learn more about the updated information regarding the Facebook Marketplace scam through Zelle. And do share your feedback in the comments below.

What is the Zelle Facebook Marketplace Scam?

Zelle does not offer a protection plan for transactions authorized by the account owner. Later, even if they recognize you have been somehow tricked or persuaded into an authorized payment, you would not get your money back in all probability. There are methods that scammers use to take advantage of this. To know about them in detail, please refer to the details below. Also, read What Does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace & How To Mark Pending

Overpaying For an Item

In a Facebook Marketplace scam, the buyer sends a false check to the seller for a higher amount which is more than the sale price. The scammers claim it as an error or the money required for the shipping expenses. After that, they convince the seller and ask for a refund for this overpayment using Zelle. When the seller falls for it, the scammers receive the money only to get the initial check bounced. Also, read What is SKU on Facebook Marketplace | 20+ Steps to Set Up SKU Grid

Upgrading to a Business Account

A scammer can pretend to be interested in an item you are selling and choose Zelle for making the payments. Then, they will get your email address from the posting or through the messages and send you a proof of an email from Zelle. The email includes that the buyer made the payment through a business account. Hence, the buyer had to pay an additional fee for the payment to go through. Then they ask to upgrade the account and refund the buyer for the supposed upgraded fee. The balance payment pressurizes you unnecessarily to complete the transaction at the earliest. The scam email will pressure the seller to transfer the funds quickly when they want to receive the initial payment. In most cases, people do not check their email’s authenticity or validate its claims. When the seller sends back the extra money, and then they realize that the scammer has never sent any money to them. But unfortunately, by then, the scammer is long gone. Also, read How to Visit Facebook Marketplace Without Facebook Account?

Wrapping Up

The Facebook scam through Zelle had conned many people with their money. Hence, it is advisable that before you make any more transactions through Zelle, please check with your bank beforehand. And even if you have any doubt about any transaction you make, then please ask your bank. Who knows, it may be a lifesaver!


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