Being a most-liked video or comment is such a big deal that almost every other person wants to know about it and heads to the Google search engine for it. But what makes all these such a big deal? Obviously, the number reflects the level of engagement that leads to recognition and so on. This makes being most liked such a big deal. So now you know the importance of being the most liked, it’s time to know about the most liked comment on YouTube. For this, let’s head to today’s discussion.

10 Most Liked Comments on YouTube

The wait is finally over, as the list of the top 10 most liked comments on YouTube is here. Go through this list and get to know what makes a particular comment be in this list.

1. SethEverman on Billie Eilish- bad guy

The comment which tops the list and is the most liked comment on YouTube belongs to SethEverman. His comment, “i’m the bald guy” on Billie Eilish’s music video ‘bad guy’ has 3.2M likes. And with this number, his comment is the most liked comment on Youtube ever. This comment was posted on 18 April 2019. With more than 3 million likes, this comment tops the list of most like YouTube comments. Also, read 270+ Top YouTube Tags to Hack into Growth!

2. San Diego Zoo on Me at the zoo

A channel named San Diego Zoo, which is the YouTube channel of the Zoo itself, commented on a video titled Me at the Zoo and received 2.6M likes. And the comments by San Diego Zoo say, “We’re so honored that the first ever YouTube video was filmed here!” And obviously, it’s a matter of pride for anyone as it was the first-ever YouTube video. Yes! It is a big deal.

3. PieDiePie on PewDiePie Comment On This Video

Well! Let me laugh out loud before mentioning what the video is actually about. Hahaha…! So a video of MrBeast titled PewDiePie Comment On This Video gives a funny ultimatum to PewDiePie to comment on his video. Until and unless he does so, MrBeast and his friends will not move. To which PewDiePie commented, “I don’t get it, what am I supposed to do?” The fun part is he is actually doing what he is said to do and still saying what am I supposed to do. With more than 2 million likes, this comment by PewDiePie is one of the most liked YouTube comments. Also, read 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022 | You Will Love This!

4. MrBeast on Mr.Beast…do you remember me?🥺

The next one in the list of most liked YouTube comments is an emotional one, a promise between a fan and a famous YouTube Mr. Beast. 6 years back, Buddster commented and asked Mr. Beast, “can you remember me when you get famous?” To which he replied, “+Buddster Gaming Yes bae.” Time passed on, and one random day, someone commented, “can he still remember you? just checking.” And then people started to comment that he forgot you. Buddster created a video titled Mr.Beast…do you remember me?🥺 To which Mr. Beast replied, “I really didn’t.” And this comment of MrBeast has 2M likes making it one of the most liked comment on YouTube.

5. CarryMinati on YALGAAR – CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy

Next on the list is the CarryMinati comment, which received a total of 1.9M likes. This comment by him is on his own rap song video titled “YALGAAR.” This rap song was released by CarryMinati to give vent to his feelings after his most-watched video on YouTube was removed from the platform. With song came out, CarryMinaati received so much love and to express that he wrote a comment in Hindi, which is translated as, Let’s finish it here as I’m done for now. I will never forget the love and support I received during this time. Simply saying Thank you won’t be enough for this (heart emoji). I will not stop now, and I’m getting myself ready for the next video (devil emoji). Also, read What is the Most-viewed YouTube Video in 2022 | Groove to Tunes Now!

6. SelenaGomezVEVO on Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

The next on the list is Selena Gomez’s comment on her own music video – Lose You To Love Me. After the release of her song, she commented a note on the video saying, “This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.” As it was so touching, that brought to it 1.3M likes.

7. Rick Astley on Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

Rick Astley’s – Never Gonna Give You Up is a song which is uploaded on YouTube 13 years back. And this music video still has regular viewers even after so long, which is a big thing in itself. Though the rise in the number of viewers is gradual, it has crossed the milestone of 1 Billion views. Out of Rick Astley’s surprise, he commented, “1 BILLION views for Never Gonna Give You Up! Amazing, crazy, wonderful! Rick (heart emoji).” And this comment of his got 1.1M likes. Also, read Top 20 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube | Updated List in 2022

8. MrBeast on Hi Me In 5 Years

There is a comment from Mr. Beast on his own video titled Hi Me In 5 Years, which has 1 million likes. The video was filmed 7 years ago by him, and watching his older version, he says, “I REMEMBER FILMING THIS VIDEO 5 YEARS AGO. THIS IS INSANE! OMG”

9. Timeworks on Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

On the same music video – Never Gonna Give You Up, there is another comment which makes it to the list of the top 10 most liked comments. This comment is from Timeworks, which says, “There’s a reason this has over 600M views…”. And for this comment, Timeworks got 998K likes. Also, read 10 Most Commented Video on YouTube In 2022 | BTS Rocks The List

10. Golden on Eminem – Rap God (Explicit)

Golden is an American gaming YouTuber who commented on Eminem’s Rap God music video and got 998K likes for his comment. He commented, “Eminem raps faster than my internet connection.” By indirectly making fun of his internet connection, he managed to secure enough likes to make it to the list of most-liked comments. Also, read 35 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube {2022 Updated}

Most Liked Comment on YouTube

And here is your list of the top 10 most liked comments on YouTube in tabular form for a more simple view. After going through this table, you will observe there is hardly any comment which has less than 1M comments.

Wrapping Up

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