An online word game called Nerdle is free to play game available all over the world. In February 2022, the Nerdle game was made available for the first time. This word game is originally based on Josh Wardle’s Wordle. Learning about the longest Wordle streak and the highest Nerdle score is interesting to me. Find out the person who has the longest Nerdle streak from this article.  Nerdle is 99 percent similar to Wordle. Still, Nerdle is as famous as Wordle today. So many of us wanna know more data on the Nerdle, like the longest Nerdle streaks. Let’s find out who has the longest & highest Nerdle streak below.

Who Has The Longest Nerdle Streak Now | Updated 7 Dec 2022

Matthew Sheppard has the longest Nerdle Streak in the world. Matthew Sheppard is both a Nerdle and Wordle player. He initially took 20 minutes to solve a Nerdle puzzle.  Matthew Sheppard started playing Nerdle in August 2021 when he was sick in Hospital. Now he holds the title of the longest Nerdle score streak in the world.  Also, read 1O Mind Stimulating Games Like Nerdle | Nerdle Alternatives Matthew Sheppard’s Longest Nerdle Streak Record –

Current Streak: 276 Max Streak: 276 Games Played: 276 Total Nerdle Streak Score: 276/276 Games won: 100% Total Nerdle Games ( Till Now): 322

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The information stated in this article is based on the latest recorded survey data. But we are constantly looking for the current new longest Nerdle streak record holder. If you are a Nerdle player who believes he/she has outplayed others in daily Nerdle puzzles and currently has the highest Nerdle Streak. Do send us your information with verified score proof. For getting your name featured in our article, do comment with your Email ID and your longest Nerdle Streak score. We will get in touch with you for more details asap. We Are Waiting!! PS- We are also looking for –

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Wrapping Up

So, this was all the information you had to know about this longest Nerdle streak record. We learned some information and score details of Matthew Sheppard, who is believed to have the longest Nerdle streak record for now. As said above, do contact us if you have the highest score and get your name featured in our blog. And don’t forget to visit Path of EX back for more exclusive content. Bye Folks!


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