Spotify has been quiet for a long time now regarding the release of Spotify HiFi. However, the company has revealed some bits of information about the service. Nevertheless, current speculations indicate that the missing Spotify HiFi will launch shortly. Here is what we are expecting, and we can not comment precisely on its arrival. So this article will give you insights on the release date, cost, and other stuff that you need to know about Spotify HiFi.

What is Spotify HiFi?

Spotify Hifi is a popular and strong music service that will enable subscribed users to give lossless music audio. After Spotify unveiled the HiFi plan, this one was claimed that it would let premium subscribers upgrade to the new Platinum membership plan, which would have been Spotify’s new suggested subscription option. However, the prime word in Spotify HiFi is “lossless,” which simply means that the audio stream preserves all of the original source’s acoustic details. The primary defining characteristic of this technology is that you would be experiencing the audio exactly as the composer envisioned. That goes without saying that all Spotify users eagerly anticipate the availability of high-quality music plus podcast playing, making it one of the most commonly asked features. Customers have started wondering when they’ll get the opportunity to witness Spotify HiFi hit the music industry due to the extensive delay from February 2021 till now. Also, read How To Download Spotify Songs Without Premium in 2022?

When is Spotify HiFi Release Date?

I cannot predict with certainty when Spotify HiFi’s lossless audio Spotify will be released due to Spotify’s lack of response since the introduction of Spotify HiFi back in the previous year. It could exist sometime in the future. As stated in the post on Reddit, a longtime Spotify user who had recently switched to Apple Music claimed they got a survey detailed a new plan–“Spotify Platinum”–that boasts HiFi, as well as other features such as “Studio Sound,” a “Headphone Tuner,” “Audio Insights,” “Library Pro,” “Playlist Pro,” and “limited-ad” podcasts, all for an extra charge. Spotify CEO Daniel E.K expounded to the analysts and investors after the anger on the proposal of Spotify HiFi. He said, “We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you. We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to premium users in the future. But we don’t have the timing details to share yet. We’ll, of course, update you when we can.” After the comment from the CEO, we can only expect that the much-awaited Spotify HiFi will come out before this year wraps up. That’s all I know about Spotify HiFi release date. Also, read How to Make and Scan Spotify Codes on iPhone & PC (2022)

How Much Will Spotify HiFi Cost?

I can not clearly say that, but if the rumors are to be believed, Spotify Platinum stated the price at $19.99 per month, or you can say you have to lose your pocket twice the $9.99 per month Spotify Individual plan. You can always change the payment method on Spotify. The preliminary phrasing of the Spotify announcement says that “Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi.” In light of this statement, we can easily conclude that Spotify Hifi will either be the Add-on plan or they will make it like the Spotify Platinum tier, which will be included in a plan. It should be noted that back in 2017, when Spotify tested CD-quality audio streams, it cost us around $7.5 per month. Those were the good old days. Also, read How to Clear Recently Played on Spotify | Clear Your Playlist with 9 Steps

Will Spotify HiFi Offer Better Streaming Quality And Resolution?

There is currently no information on the audio quality or the resolution at which Spotify HiFi will stream content. However, we foresee that Spotify HiFi delivers CD-caliber lossless audio to your gadgets. The CD’s lossless audio quality is said to have a resolution from 16-bit/44.1 kHz upwards. You don’t need to worry because as long as our device is connected to Spotify, you will enjoy the high-resolution sound streaming quality. There is always a way to cancel the Spotify subscription if you don’t like the streaming quality And resolution. Additionally, Apple Music provides 3 sets of high-resolution audio.

Will Spotify HiFi Offer Spatial Audio?

As stated in the post on Reddit, a Spotify user reacted to the spatial audio by, commenting that “At a minimum, Atmos requires audio engineers to position audio sources in coordinate space. In that sense, it’s closer to the source than a stereo recording. Unfortunately, a lot of content has been remastered by engineers who can’t keep their hands off of the various effects offered in software or worse, from source recordings that don’t have object separation. It’s extremely hit-and-miss for me. Many of the “made for spacial audio” tracks sound terrible. For older songs that don’t have the best sources, atmos is mostly a 3D shim with shitty reverb effects.” Also, read How to See Lyrics on Spotify for All Songs on App, Desktop & TV in 2022

When Will Spotify HiFi Arrive?

Wrapping Up

Although Spotify appears prepared to drop underperforming features, it also enjoys experimenting, and Spotify HiFi may be a development that Spotify is happy to continue on perpetually. This article gives you the rumored details about what is Spotify HiFi and its features and prices. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, comment below and share your thoughts on the missing Spotify Hifi.


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