Every year since its launch, Spotify Wrapped brings us a new surprise every time. So you might be wondering, what’s new on Spotify this year? With amazing new features like Audio Aura, Spotify Instafest, and Listening Personality, we’re more excited than ever for Spotify Wrapped.  So what is Spotify Audio Day, and should you be excited about it? Let’s dig in and find out what’s in it for us and where to find it!

Spotify Audio Day | New Spotify Wrapped Feature

As you might know already, last year, Spotify launched Audio Aura. With the help of Celebrity Aura reader Mystic Michaela, users could find their moods based on their music habits on Spotify. Auras are colorful life force energies around people. So with the help of your music habits, Spotify assigned a color to mood categories in 2021.  But this year, Spotify presents us with Spotify Audio Day. What’s different is that Spotify divides your day into three; Morning, Noon, and night.  With interactive & fun stories, Spotify Audio Day shows you how your day pans out for real. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or chill like a summer breeze, Spotify has you covered.  Users are happy, excited, and even surprised as they share their experiences on Social media. One user reports that they have mixed feelings but love Spotify Audio Day! One user said their Spotify Audio day was “so dramatic.” But I mean, come on, Kpop is the ultimate guilty pleasure 🙂 Here’s a look at my Spotify Audio Day, and I have to say, I’m just as surprised as anyone else! Also, read How to See Your Fest on Spotify (2022) | Instafest Spotify Some users report that they can’t find their Audio day on Spotify Wrapped, and we’re devastated! Take a look at some hysterical, side-splitting Spotify Wrapped memes from people, we’re sad, but you make us laugh people. Also, read How to Create Your Festival Lineup on Spotify Instafest 2022? Also, read How to Share Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Instagram & SC?

What Else is New About Spotify Wrapped 2022?

As I mentioned before, Audio Day isn’t the only new feature on Spotify Wrapped this year. We also have our Listening Personality revealed. What’s interesting about it is that everyone gets a refreshing personality assessment. And we approve.  

How to See Audio Day in Spotify Wrapped?

To see your Spotify Wrapped, and thus your Spotify Audio Day, you need to use your Spotify mobile app. If you’re like me and listen to music on your laptop or PC, Download Spotify App for Android first. To See Audio Day in Spotify Wrapped, follow these steps- That’s it! You’ll find your Audio Day on a slide that starts by saying, “From sunrise to sunset, you kept it interesting.” Also, read How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped 2022 to Listen to Your Best Songs?

Wrapping Up

Honestly, I approve of Spotify Wrapped this year more than ever. It was a big music year for me, and with so many big hits, I bet it was for you too. So if you haven’t had the time for Spotify Audio Day yet, check it out and share your thoughts with us at Path of EX! Rock on!


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