The new format on Snapchat is also inspired by the new app BeReal, but it is only used for photo-sharing. It will serve as a modular camera mode within Snapchat, intended to help centralize access to the creative tools while publishing to Spotlight. Hence, read our latest article to learn more about the new feature Snapchat Director Mode and its location in the app. Also, share your feedback in the comments below. I am sure you would like the new feature a lot.

What is Snapchat Director Mode?

Snapchat has recently announced the new ‘Director Mode. It is the advanced video creation process that is available to all iOS users of the app. You can see that Snap’s Director Mode includes a range of more advanced editing tools within the app. It has a green screen, improved editing tools, variable playback speed options, and dual camera control. You can simultaneously use the front and back cameras to get 360-degree content.  Some of the features are also available in other apps, so this is not a major shift where 360 modes have been available on mobiles for the first time. It will be a big addition for Snap creators, providing more ways to create standout clips in the app. This also includes Spotlight content, like Snap’s TikTok-clone functionality, which is used by more than 300 million Snapchatters every month. The total time viewing Spotlight content in the app has increased by 55% each year. The new tools will provide more ways to click into the popularity of Spotlight with the short clips. Also, read What Does Unviewed Story Mean On Snapchat: New Notification Alert! [2022]

Benefit of Content Creators with Director Mode

Snap has reduced the amount it is paying Spotlight creators through the Spotlight Fund. The money is allocated to the most popular Spotlight clips daily. Snap has paid millions to the creators through the funding program. It is gradually moving to phase out over time as it looks to make Spotlight a more self-sustaining option. It may also annoy Snap creators who have already made Spotlight a focus. The creators will be able to use their brand partnerships for promotions in the app. Moreover, it helps to ensure that they make money from their Snap content without direct funding allocations. The additional creative tools are also being introduced at a favorable time, with more options to help the creators maximize the value of their content and establish new brand deals and relationships. Director Mode is available in the camera toolbar in the app. You may click on the ‘Create’ button in Spotlight to access the more advanced editing options. As per Snapchat, Director Mode is available to some creators on Android, and a full rollout will be available soon. Also, read What Does SMH Mean on Snapchat | Express Yourself Through Snapping!

Everything About Snapchat Director Mode

Wrapping Up

You may now use the Snapchat Director mode, where the available features would help you to use the feature on your iOS mobiles. I hope the article helped you in doing so. The incredible feature is quite new on the platform; hence, most people are unaware of the same. When you need more details, refer to our website for more information on Snapchat and other social media platforms.


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