The trends on TikTok though ephemeral but still, find their way to become a cultural practice. We all know about the Egg Cleanse trend or the Honey Spell trend. The trends went viral as many TikTokers participated in them. While some trends on the platform barely make sense, others are there to better ourselves.

What is Skin Cycling TikTok Trend?

The Skin Cycling on TikTok is a new viral trend that explains skincare routine and is the brainchild of  Dr. Whitney Bowe, a certified dermatologist. The trend was started by Bowe herself where she explains scientifically how certain types of products and active ingredients affect your skin. Her video went viral on #beautytok (a section that caters to beauty and skincare). The process Dr. Bowe recommends is a four-night skincare routine and is called Skin Cycling. The #skincycling has over 48.6 million views on TikTok. The concept of Skin Cycling came to Bowe after she realized her patients are over-exfoliating with harsh products. She also has her own brand of products that one can use in the skin cycling process but you can also find other alternatives for the same. Also, read How to Get TikTok’s Viral Polaroid Filter | Get the Aesthetic Filter Now!

How To Do Skin Cycling Process?

The Skin Cycling Routine is a 3 step process and all steps with general cleansing of the skin. The whole process is mentioned below. Also, read Why’s TikTok $33 Pool in Trends RN | Inflatable Pool Hacks

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t like a dermatologist-approved skincare routine? The new viral trend on TikTok is about that. To know about What is Skin Cycling TikTok Trend and how to do it, read the entire article and do share it with your friends!


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