It sounds incredible; free brand-new clothes from an e-commerce platform like SHEIN. But it is true nonetheless. Some tips and tricks will increase your chance to win free stuff. You know, new products are published every week in SHEIN’s test center. This post is going to be all about getting you closer to winning new clothes from SHEIN through the SHEIN free trial center. I will give you tricks that I have learned from users who have been getting free stuff from SHEIN for about a year now. So, there is very little chance of these tricks failing.

What is SHEIN Free Trial Center?

The SHEIN free trial center is simply a place where you are rewarded with free products for writing reviews or giving your opinions on SHEIN’s products. You have to be a registered user to be able to take part in the SHEIN test center. You can register to SHEIN for free. New products come to the free trial section of SHEIN every week. You have the chance to request a maximum of three trials in one week. You can look at the number of people requesting the same trial and the items available for trial. Also, read How to Get Snapchat Plus Free Trial in 2022 | Get Premium Features

How to Request SHEIN Free Trial?

If you want to enter the SHEIN free trial section from your computer, you can click here. You can also go to the SDHEIN official website, log in using your credentials, and click on the Free Trial Center. On the other hand, if you are entering the SHEIN test center from the app on your phone, go to Me at the bottom-right corner and then select the Free Trial Center button. Inside the free trial center, you will now choose the garment(s) you would like to try and give your opinions on. To do so, you need to click on the Free Trial button. After you are done selecting the garments, you will be asked for the size and shipping address. If you win, your items will be sent to the address you had put. It won’t be possible for you to change the details later. So, be very careful while providing the information. You will be able to check whether you have won a product along with learning additional terms and conditions of the SHEIN free trial center. You will be given 10 days before which you will have to submit the review. If your review passes the quality check, you will earn a minimum of 20 points and a maximum of 100 points. Also, read How to Get Discovery Plus Free Trial in Just 10 Steps?

Tips to Get Free Stuff From SHEIN

Now you know how to get free stuff from SHEIN. But, it is not that you will be winning every time. There are good and bad days. So, I have listed a few tricks to increase your chance of winning. Pay attention. By the way, you can visit SHEIN’s free trial help center to know all the conditions.

1. Apply Every Time

Since your activity is considered by the system for the selection procedure, the more active you are the better chance you have of winning. By active, I don’t just mean being active on SHEIN in general. You should also be active in the test center.

2. Be Smart And Choose The Garment You Have a Higher Possibility of Liking

Your chances of winning are better when you choose items that you will actually like. Because it all comes down to how you will review the items. Also, you should be requesting garments that have very few requests.

3. The End of The Week is The Best Time

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned this before or not but the free trials are updated every Monday. So, naturally applying at the end of the week is the best policy. You will be able to see how many people have applied for the free trial and which one would be easier to win. Also, read How to Get Apple Music for Free? A Guide To Free Apple Music 2022

4. Make High Standard Reviews And Comments

In case you win, you would also like to win again. And that will be possible only when you make quality reviews. The system takes previous reports into account too. Commenting well will not just give you more points but also make the chances of winning in the future higher.

5. Shop at SHEIN Regularly

As mentioned earlier, the SHEIN free trial works in your favor if you are more active on the site. If you shop at SHEIN regularly, the site will be able to appreciate the authenticity of your account. It helps SHEIN to make sure only people with genuine accounts who have been on SHEIN for a long time win the SHEIN free trial.

Wrapping Up

What are you waiting for? You should rush to SHEIN and look for SHEIN free trial. It is amazing! If you don’t know how to, read the article from the beginning. Winning free items in today’s world is like a dream come true. At least for me. And I am thankful to SHEIN for making this possible. Until next time, Ciao!


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