Personally, when I am about to sleep I love to scroll through the reels on Instagram and it is difficult to ignore those engaging videos. Well, if you somehow keep your phone aside but the notification alerts from your friend urge you to open Instagram. Keeping all these parameters in mind, Instagram introduced the new Quiet Mode feature. Head on through this article and learn what is Quiet Mode on Instagram and how to turn ON and Off Quiet Mode on the application. If you cannot locate Quiet Mode on Instagram, we’ve also got you covered on this.

What is Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Silencing the notifications from Instagram is definitely a peaceful feature on Instagram. Quiet Mode is a defining feature on Instagram that sets your account to Quit mode during the night and mutes the notifications coming while you are sleeping. When Quiet Mode is switched ON on Instagram, the notifications will be paused and your status will be changed. Also, read How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram | Android & iPhone [ 2022 Updated ]

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Further are the steps to turn In Quiet mode on Instagram. Head on and see how you can disable your notifications while you are sleeping:

  1. Head on to Instagram.
  2. Click on your Profile Icon > tap the three lines icon (hamburger icon) on the top of your screen.
  3. Click on Settings > Notifications.
  4. Further, select the Quiet Mode option.
  5. And lastly, toggle ON the Quiet Mode. After your Quiet Mode is turned On, you can surely sleep well while being off social media. Note:- Once Quiet Mode is Turned on, it will turn on automatically from 22:00 (10 pm) in the evening until 07:00 (7 am) in the morning.

How to Turn OFF Quiet Mode on Instagram?

Head on further to know how to turn Off Quiet Mode on Instagram in some easy steps:

  1. Open Instagram > click on your Profile icon.
  2. Select the hamburger icon.
  3. Tap on Settings > Notifications.
  4. Click on ‘Quiet Mode’.
  5. Further, toggle Off Quiet Mode to switch Off Quiet mode easily. Also, read Instagram Profile Song : A New MySpace Alike Feature Added by Instagram

Why is Quiet Mode Not Visible To You?

If in case Quiet Mode is not visible to you, it simply means that the feature is not rolled out to you. All you can do is wait for the feature to go global and further use it when it comes live to you.

Watch How to Turn On Quiet Mode on Instagram

Wrapping Up

This was all about what is Quiet mode on Instagram and how to turn ON/OFF Quiet mode on the application. Follow the steps mentioned above and see how this guide helps you in maintaining your sanity. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap.


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