Another app that has got everyone’s attention is BeReal. BeReal is adored by the youth right now for its simple and realistic approach. On the app, you will be given a specific time every day to share the moment as it is. In the same manner, the Hive app gives you amazing features like posting photos, videos, and more. Even if Hive doesn’t aim to be the all-real app. It does have some amazing features which seem like the app is here to stay. Here is everything you need to know about Hive social media app.

What is Hive Social Media?

Hive social media app is the newest app that has got everyone talking. The app was initially launched in 2019. But recently the new and updated Hive social media became popular. Initially, the app had a lot of bugs. The new and updated app has new features that let you curate your own feed. You can search for content on various topics to add to your feed. Let me tell you about the features of Hive. Also, read Mastodon Safety: Protect Yourself NOW with these 6 Tips

What are the Features of Hive Social Media

Other than a customized feed, you can post photos and videos on Hive Social Media. You can reply to comments with GIFs. This is a fun feature that makes the interactions app interesting. You won’t have to limit your emotions to emojis in the comments. You get to post polls on the Hive social media app as well. You get to add a music profile on Hive. You can set a song that represents your mood or personality for your profile. Bonus, with Apple music each song you listen to is counted. You can share your zodiac sign and your preferred pronouns on Hive Social media as well. Color Themes is another feature that lets you customize your feed. Hive social media currently offers 35+ different colors to make your feed look pretty. Also, read Mastodon Notifications Settings: How to Change & Customize?

How to Search for Content on Hive Social Media?

You can curate your feed on Hive social media. As the app is relatively new, you can look for different topics yourself. Hive is a versatile app that has content on a lot of topics. From food to video games to art and astrology. You can find anything and everything that you like on the app. You can use # and search for topics on the apps. Here are some of the topics that you can look for.

Video games Technology and science Comics and heroes Art Food Anime LGBTQ+ Horror Memes Entertainment Health Travel Fashion Pets and animals Crafts and DIY Cars Music Beauty Reading and literature Astrology Celebrities and influencers Sports

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Why Brands and Businesses Should Use Hive Social Media?

Social Media is a great place to help your business and brand grow. Social media platforms. Hive is different than most social media apps as it promotes a positive attitude. Hive social media follows a positive and indirect technique to promote products on the app. What this means is, your product or services will not be sold as they are. Products and Services will be shown to potential customers. The users get to see these Ads only if the products and services are similar to the ones they like to see on their feeds. This proves to be a refreshing change for a social media platform. Hive social media seems to have a promising future given its positive attributes and features. Also, read How to Share a Mastodon Post? Quick And Simple 5 Steps Guide

Wrapping Up

So this was all about Hive social media app. The app has recently gathered a lot of attention because of its new and trending features. Follow us to know more updates on Hive the newest social media app. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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