Though Meta is working on enhancing the virtual experience with the VR headsets. Google is working on its holographic video project, “Project Starline.” The project seems enthralling and will contribute enormously to the enterprise and the healthcare sectors. This article will give you solid chunks of information about Google’s Starline Project and its availability in the market.

What is Google Project Starline?

Google Project Starline was announced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google I/O developer conference 2021. It is an innovative video communication method that uses 3D imagery, high-resolution cameras, high field display, and custom depth sensors. It will talk like a normal person, give gestures, and make eye contact with another person without really needing a headset. The project’s motive is to give users a phenomenal experience to feel at home with their loved ones. In long and arduous research with machine learning, spatial audio, computer vision, and light field display system. It has now become possible to have video communication in a 3D hologram. The company says the most significant thing about the project is that whenever you start talking with the other person, every other thing around you will begin to fade. This is because you can focus on the person only you are having conversations with. This feeling is like the other person you are talking to is sitting across from you. Also, read Tesla Dojo Supercomputer: The Most Powerful System Getting Ready

Development of Starline Project

Google has been working on its Starline Project for the last five years since the official announcement from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google I/O developer conference 2021. This project is not widely used anywhere in the industry and is only accessible to a limited number of Google offices. Those who have been adept at this project say that the experience is incredibly realistic and an impressive technology even in its early testing phase. The company is saying that they are working hard to enlarge its real-world tests with an early access program that will look forward to its Starline Project working with numerous enterprise partners and healthcare providers such as Hackensack Meridian Health, T-Mobile, Salesforce, and WeWork. Andy White, SVP of Business Technology at Salesforce, said in a statement.“In today’s digital-first world, companies need to provide the technology and tools to help employees be more productive and effective at work.” He further added, “At Salesforce, we’re constantly exploring new ways to deliver incredible experiences to our employees and customers worldwide. Project Starline has the potential to drive deeper connections between people by bridging in-person and virtual experiences.” The 3D calling booths were formerly present in Google’s headquarters in the United States, where the workforce could experiment with the tests such as conferences and induction training processes and other things. Additionally, the company asked more than 100 business parties from different industries like media, healthcare, and retail to test out this enticing technology in its offices and give feedback accordingly. In November 2021, Google’s fascinating project was reorganized under the newly discovered division “Google Labs.” besides Area 120 and AR and VR endeavor. Also, read Google Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5-Who Wins The Battle?

When Will Google Project Starline be Available?

Google said that Project Starline is currently available in a limited number of their offices, mainly depending on highly specialized equipment and custom-built hardware.
The company says, “we’ve spent thousands of hours testing Project Starline within Google as we connected colleagues between the Bay Area, New York, and Seattle. We’ve also been conducting demos with select enterprise partners in areas like healthcare and media to get early feedback on the technology and its applications. We’re planning trial deployments with enterprise partners later this year.” The company is quite exhilarated by the progress of its “Starline Project,” which will enable people to connect with each other sitting far away from each other. They have already connected their colleagues in their offices sitting across the Bay area, New York, and Seattle. Google has said in a statement that it will start testing on select partner offices for uniform and orderly testing, rolling out later this year in 2022.

Wrapping Up

Well, the Starline Project of Google is a compelling shot on a contrasting level of virtual reality. It will be interesting to see when this project will be available for the enterprises and healthcare sectors. So that it becomes possible to bulge out the benefit from it. Comment below to let us know your excitement about Google’s new Starline Project and how many are waiting for the project to be commenced soon.


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