The new feature includes page loading experiments, a handful of UI changes, and better screen-sharing tools for the Chromebooks. So, you can understand that from now onwards, you will get all the old features of your favorite browser in a new form. So are you excited to know in detail about this feature? Then read our article now, so you do not miss any feature you are looking up to in Google Chrome.

Experimenting With Google Chrome 104

Earlier in the internet, browsers would load the entire page within no time. Browsers and websites continue “lazy loading,” and their content does not load until it is visible. When the page allows, chrome will take time to load embedded content. Google’s new test experiment, “LazyEmbeds,” is here. It requires much time to load embedded content on its own, without the page asking for it. The experiment will start soon with only 1% of the users on stable Google Chrome 104. Also read, What Happened to Google Timer & Everything We Know About It!

Region Capture for Web Apps with Google Chrome 104

Chrome can now crop self-captured video tracks. This feature is known as “Region Capture,” when you can capture or want to record or share, you are free to choose any part of the screen. You can choose the tab you wish to share for video conferencing. Now, you may select the screen area you want to share. You can use them while the video conferencing controls for screen sharing.

Chromebooks Get a New “Start Menu” with Google Chrome 104

We know that Google is working for a long time on revamping the Chrome OS interface now. This is one of the most significant changes in the app launcher, which looks similar to the Windows Start Menu. Like the Windows Start menu, you will find the new “Productivity Launcher” in the corner of the screen. You would find a Google Search bar and an Assistant shortcut at the top. You can right-click, select, and hold to sort by your name or icon color. When we compare it to the old launcher, this is a significant improvement. Also, read How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome? Follow These Simple Steps for Different Platforms

Automatic Light and Dark Themes for Chromebooks

You may know that Chromebooks now have “unofficial” dark and light themes. This function is a stable channel, allowing the themes to change independently. Earlier, the themes were available when a feature flag was enabled. Earlier, there was no option for switching the themes on their own at night and day. Like Windows and macOS, Chromebooks also have their own featured light and dark themes.

System Tray Improvements of Google Chrome 104 for Chromebooks

Google is revamping the System Tray in Chromebooks. Yes, you read it right! You will find the battery, clock, and Wi-Fi in a new version now. Chrome OS 104 has added dates to the System Tray and brought a new calendar widget. The clock has now split and shows the date on the left. When you select the date, you will find an extensive calendar widget. You can click any date on the calendar on the option “Open in Google Calendar.” Google has upgraded the design of notifications also. Also read, How to Enable Chrome Flag in 7 Easy Steps | A Beginners Guide

What is Chrome 104 | Watch the Video

Wrapping Up

You would be glad to know Google would now release an upgraded version of Chrome every four weeks. So you can be ready to introduce new features in your Google browser. As we have come to the end of this article, we would like to mention that Google Chrome 104 is a revamped version of Google and you need not worry whether you can use it smoothly or not. Our article says it all about this new feature and its utilities.


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