Mac users have reported that the Core Sync option appears on the top and asks for permissions such as files and storage. Allowing storage access on your Mac without knowledge may cause potential problems such as data loss and hacked files. On the other hand, not allowing permission may cause some apps to behave unexpectedly.  Moreover, Core Sync also takes up a lot of space on your Mac. Sometimes, it can go as high as 90% of your total storage. Here, the idea of freeing up storage on Mac makes sense. Just like many Apple users, if you are also facing these issues, then read this article till the end 

What is Core Sync Mac?

Core Sync Mac is a process through which your Mac shares the information of your Adobe apps with Adobe Creative Cloud. Being a Mac user, this pop-up will appear only when you currently have any Adobe App or while you are using it. Core Sync is helpful when you edit or rename any type of content that is saved on Adobe cloud. After sync, it gives you seamless access to your uploaded files. Also, read How to Remove Sim Card From iPhone? Read This Guide to Avoid Breaking Your Sim Tray

Is Core Sync Safe?

Course Sync is the name of a process that shares your files with Adobe Creative Cloud. In general, for any application or process that has access to the internet on your Mac and uploads the data, there is a potential risk of losing out personal data. What you must also know is that Core Sync works in the background. However, Core Sync asks for your permission before uploading any file. So you can consider Core Sync as a safe process. Also, read How to Scan QR Code on iPhone | A Step-by-Step Guide to Start Scanning QR 

Can I Delete Core Sync on My Mac?

There are two instances when you may want to delete the Core Sync from your Mac. One is when you are on a trial version and Adobe wants you to uninstall it. The second is because of the redundancy, i.e., you do not require it anymore. In both cases, you can delete Core Sync from your Mac.  Although, you must ensure that not only the application program (app) has been deleted, but also all the files must be deleted. I highly recommend taking a backup of your data before you plan to delete Core Sync.  Also, read How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 13 | Know your Battery Level in 3 Simple Ways

How to Delete Core Sync on Mac?

Adobe has a dedicated removal tool that allows you to safely remove Adobe programs from your Mac. A lot of Mac users have reported that even after uninstalling the program from their Macs, Core Sync still occupied storage. Therefore, if you have decided to uninstall Core Sync from your Mac, then you must follow these steps correctly: Step 1: Open Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer and sync all the files to ensure that the backup is completed.  Step 2: Open the Activity Monitor app and close all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps and Core Sync. Step 3: Then search Adobe Support Library and open it to locate the Core Sync folder. Then copy the Core Sync Folder on the Desktop. Step 4: Then download the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool for macOS and hit RUN on the disk image file.  Step 5: Mark yes against all the agreements and wait for the cleaner to uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Also, read How to Share Location on iPhone | A Step-By-Step Guide [Nov. 2022]

Why Does Core Sync Show High CPU Usage?

Core Sync will show high CPU usage in any one of the two cases.

Your Adobe Create Cloud is not up-to-date. Therefore, you must update it immediately. Your Adobe Create Cloud might be a pirated version with some cracked files. Therefore, you must reinstall it because it makes your data more vulnerable to hacking. 

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What is Core Sync Mac?

Wrapping Up

This brings me to the end of the article What is Core Sync Mac? Adobe is a trusted software-based company, so you need not worry about installing the Creative Cloud. Core Sync operates in the background but only to sync your existing files with the cloud. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. 


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