The iOS 16 bugs will be fixed in the next update. If you cannot fix any of the existing glitches in your iPhone, the next update will be your savior. From what I have read on online forums, notifications are a big issue. For some, notifications are not working at all. While for some other users, their lock screen notifications are disappearing in iOS 16. What is the new iPhone charging feature? Here is what is clean energy charging in iOS 16 and all you need to know about it.

What is Clean Energy Charging in iOS 16?

Clean Energy Charging is a new feature that will be added in iOS 16. Currently, it is being tested in the iOS 16.1 Beta version. From what we know, this feature will help reduce iPhone carbon footprint. Apple aims to add this feature to all iPhones with the next iOS 16 update. This is good for the environment as well as for your iPhone. Clean Energy Charging helps in preserving your iPhone battery too. This feature will stop your battery from charging past 80%. Cutting off the charging by around 80% will improve your battery life significantly. Along with this, Clean Charging Energy will track your battery usage to optimize this feature. As of now, Clean Energy Charging will be added to the update released in the US only. This new feature is still being tested out on the Beta version. It might be removed by the time an official iOS 16 feature is released. Along with this, there are a few more features available in the iOS 16 update. The battery percentage indicator will have a new look on all iPhones. It will also be extended to iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini. The existing bugs will also be fixed in this next update. It is still unknown when iOS 16.1 update will be released officially. Given the fact that it is still in its second Beta stage, it may take a while. The iOS 16.1 update will probably be out by the second week of October. However, there is no official date out yet. Also, read How To Fix Apple CarPlay Not Working in iPhone 14 Pro?

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what is Clean Energy Charging in iOS 16. It is still not clear how this feature will work. Or if this will be added to the official release of the iOS 16.1 update. We will keep posting the latest news on iOS. For more updates, keep visiting Path of EX!


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