Apple never fails to surprise its fans and users with each new launch. Everything about the Apple ecosystem gives you a sense of belonging. It makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Well, the Car Crash Detection technology is a feature that will make you want to own an iPhone 14. This is what Apple does; it removes some old features and hardware and includes new features and gadgets in order to compel you to buy their new product. And it is not like the new features are less practical than the old ones. The Car Crash Detection as the name suggests is a crash detection system. It is extremely impressive of Apple to come up with such an important and life-saving feature. With every new gadget launch, like the previous smartwatch that constantly takes heart rate readings to sensors capable of detecting arterial fibrillation to a blood oxygen sensor, Apple just ups the game like no other brand does. And now they have introduced a body temperature sensor dedicated to women’s health in the Apple Watch Series 8.

What is Car Crash Detection | Apple Watch 8 Features

Apple Watch 8 keeps getting interesting. Let me list all the features that are worth knowing.

Always on display.Dust-proof.Swim-proof.Crack-resistant display.Edge-to-edge display.Fall detection.Sleep Tracking.ECG monitoring.Irregular heartbeat notification system.Blood oxygen sensor.A crash detection system that can identify all sorts of crashes.Body temperature sensor

Also, read Apple A16 Bionic vs Apple M1 & Why Is Apple Not Including A16 Bionic in iPhone 14? The most topical features at this moment are Crash Detection/Car Crash Detection, Sleep Tracking, and the Body Temperature Sensor. It is also very impressive how Apple is focussing on women’s health. The Apple Watch Series 8 uses its heart rate monitoring, body temperature sensor, and sleep tracking to offer insights into women’s menstrual cycles. Isn’t that too thoughtful of a gadget? It’s almost cute! It can strike anyone what Apple will do with all these women’s health information. Apple declares that it will do nothing. All the information will be end-to-end encrypted, meaning Apple will not have access to any of it. Coming back to Apple’s Car Crash Detection, Apple has created an algorithm that utilizes both old and new input methods of the Apple Watch. By testing crashes at labs and simulating accidents like head-on, rollover, rear-end, and side impact, Apple has created this algorithm that makes crash detection extremely efficient. The algorithm combines this data with GPS data and microphones that identify sounds of severe crashes. Also, read What is the Photonic Engine | iPhone 14 And Its Low-light Camera Performance The iPhone and the Apple Watch 8 work together to identify, notify, and make emergency SOS call in case of a severe crash. When it detects a crash the Apple Watch 8 notifies as it is closest to the user. It gives the user a 10-second window to cancel the SOS call. After 10 seconds the call is made by the iPhone as it has the better network strength.

Car Crash Detection | Introduction to Apple Watch 8

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Wrapping Up

Car Crash Detection or Crash Detection on iPhone and Apple Watch 8 is giving Apple fans worldwide a very positive feeling. It is indirectly promising us heightened peace of mind while driving. With this I’d like to bid you goodbye as I am sure you don’t have to go anywhere else to know about the basic features of the Apple Watch 8. Until next time, Ciao.


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