Whether your company has five employees or five thousand, BigQuery can help improve your workflow immensely. Here’s a quick need-to-know on BigQuery to help decide if the tool is right for you.

What’s BigQuery?

BigQuery is a third-party tool that can help refine your analytics, storage, and other features. It has many features such as machine learning, business intelligence, a serverless architecture, and more. Google BigQuery shines brightest when paired with other tools that help improve its functionality. Some third-party data analytics providers like Striim can help enable more features like real-time data integration, enhancing your access to data. 

Uses of BigQuery

Tech is full of buzz terms like “refined analytics,” but what does this mean? BigQuery can do much more than just sound impressive, after all. Here are some of the top uses of BigQuery and how it can help improve efficiency.

Strong storage

As a company grows, so too do the storage needs of said company. BigQuery exceeds in helping to improve your storage. BigQuery’s primary focus is to utilize a columnar storage format with an optimization toward analytical queries. Preparing storage this way makes later analysis efforts swifter, more efficient, and easier to comprehend.

Centralized Management

Another powerful feature of BigQuery is the focus on centralized administration and management. Storing data across a large company can be difficult because of numerous access points and a lack of centralized storage. BigQuery helps keep all the data in one place without harming its accessibility. Identity and Access management helps secure resources in the Google Cloud and utilizes a secure and flexible approach that this cybersecurity can bring. To summarize, BigQuery protects data and makes it easier to access. Administrators can use proper tools to secure and defend data from any dangers.

Powerful analytics

One of the most significant benefits of BigQuery is the focus on analytics the tool provides. Business intelligence algorithms and ad hoc analysis strategies help get information into the user’s hands swiftly and safely. BigQuery allows sharing these analytical insights within your organization with just a few clicks. Machine learning helps to improve these features over time and aid in repeated queries. Geospatial analytics can further analyze data in reference to geographical locations for more global efforts. Whether you’re using Cloud Storage or Google Drive, users have the features they need to analyze and retrieve data at a moment’s notice from any secure location.

Rich with Resources

With lesser-known tools, a lack of resources can often prove the downfall. Issues are harder to solve as the community is smaller, and the fix you need may not exist. BigQuery is a popular and near-titanic tool with a rich and growing community. As a result, users can lean on other experienced users to help fix any issues or kinks they may find. Past a strong community, BigQuery also maintains admirable transparency with its users. Google provides release notes for any changes to keep users updated, and the BigQuery Support team often receives praise for a quick and effective response.

Why use BigQuery?

These perks are fine, but BigQuery is far from the only analytical storage option with a strong community. Here are some of the best perks of using BigQuery and how it can improve performance.

Improved Efficiency

The enhanced storage alone is a fantastic improvement over a toolless system. When it is combined with centralized management and robust security measures, data is kept secure and accessible. These enhancements help a team perform more swiftly and efficiently. Group access to data can occur from safe locations, helping to keep the team moving forward instead of getting bogged down in messy transfers and security hassles.

Ease of use

The system’s ease of use will help dramatically with training times as a team adopts BigQuery. As a tool, the system is far from complicated and provides many support resources to help learn. Not only will this help to improve efficiency further, but it also cuts down on training costs and growing pains. Further integrating effective third-party tools can bolster BigQuery and help the users customize their experience with the software.

Wrapping up

BigQuery is an effective tool for companies of all sizes and favors small to medium workforces up to multiple thousands. The Google software excels in secure storage, powerful analytics, and a centralized management system.  Overall, it can considerably increase productivity and efficiency, especially when paired with third-party tools to help improve and customize its performance.


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