We browse every day and simply save them on our desktop or drive. But these files are segregated among various heads so that at the time of sharing the file, it becomes easy for the computer or the device. It will read the file type or extension and share accordingly. So, let us dive deep and check what is an XVO file in detail. I will also discuss what type of file it is, how to open it and how to share it. Every file type we save on our system or device has an extension, and as discussed earlier, every extension has a meaning or purpose.

What Is An XVO File?

An XVO file is a video file that comes with XVO file extension. It is a video file used by RatDVD, a DVD-ripping software. Files, including IFO, XML, and VSI files, accompany an XVO file. All these files are in an AV_TS folder. Then, this folder is ZIP compressed to a format that can be recognized by RatDVD software. Also, read How to Open XAPK File | 3 Easy Ways to Access XAPK Files

How to Open An XVO File?

  1. To open an XVO file, they need to exist in the RatDVD file format. By themselves, these files will not open in the RatDVD program.
  2. For that, a user must first compress the AV_TS folder by using ZIP compression.
  3. Besides, Version.XML file, which must exist outside the AV_TS folder, must also be ZIP compressed.
  4. The last step is to rename these files from the .xml file. ZIP file to .RatDVD file. Also, read How to Open Heic Files in 4 Simple Steps | Try It Now!

How to Convert XVO File To Other File Formats

Let us see if it is possible to convert an XVO File.

  1. As you know that XVO file is a video file format, and it needs special converters to bring it to a user-friendly format. Various free file converters available cannot convert XVO files to other formats.
  2. Even if the available converter manages to convert the XVO file, it will only partially extract the .RATDVD File.
  3. The only way is to convert it using the dual compression method mentioned above. First convert the file to .RATDVD format, then use the software to convert it to DVD format.
  4. After using the .RATDVD software easily convert the generated VOB files to familiar file formats like MP4, ISO, MKV, and similar. Also, read How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac for Free | 3 Ways to Restore All Your Important Files

What To Do If XOV File Fails to Convert?

There are chances that even after following the aforementioned file conversion method, your XOV file is not converted. So, in this case, figure out if the file is not in the required extension in the first place. A misread file extension by the user can lead to a failure in the XOV file conversion process. So, if it is .RATDVD file, there is only one method explained above. Also, read How To Edit A PDF File | Simple And Easy Ways

Wrapping Up

I understand that unlike regular doc files or text files, audio and video files can be tricky for. We come across so many audio and videos daily, and some are worth saving and sharing. Such files have different extensions and conversion processes. Talking about the video files, now you have the appropriate response to what is an XOV file. So, you can now easily compress such files and save or open them. Even if you receive an XOV file, now you know how to compress, extract and open it.


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