About Blank (about:blank#blocked) is nothing but a literal blank page. On all browsers, it means the same. The page shows up more often when you deliberately try to open a webpage in a new tab or a new window. Generally, About Blank pages are not the causes for some major issues, but they can be a result of one. As a general concern, About Blank does not cause any major harm to your system. In fact, some people deliberately set the About Blank page as their home page on browsers. It is great for people who do not want any web page to open when they start their browsers. So, they choose a totally blank page instead.  

What Is About Blank (about:blank#blocked)?

All browsers use Universal Resource Identifier (URI) and “About” is a small part of it, that processes internal commands. The About can be used with multiple internal commands in the About:URL fashion, and the browser will simply display what you ask for. 

about:about is used to see a list of Chrome URLs, internal pages, and URLs for debugging.  about:blank displays an empty page from the browser, not the internet. about:cache to see the cached pages. about://version to see all the specifications and version details of your browser.  about:blank#blocked means a security s/w is blocking access to some degree on your browser.

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What Causes About Blank Page (about:blank#blocked)?

About Blank pages occur due to corrupt data processing. Also, if malware or adware is abruptly removed, then the browser will be in a non-default state for a while. When this happens, the browser doesn’t know what to display and which page to load, so, it displays the About Blank page in that scenario.   Other than malware removal, here are all the probable reasons that end up with displaying About blank page: In short, a browser displays an About Blank page when it doesn’t know what to display. In case of a dilemma, it chooses the About Blank page. 

Is About Blank a Virus or Even Malware?

Most of us jump to the conclusion that About Blank pages are viruses and malware, however, that’s not true. About Blank pages are not viruses, instead, they are simply blank pages that originated from your browser. Since About Blank pages are not served from any external source (virus or malware) they aren’t harmful to your computer. But, About blank pages can be a result of malware.  Do not get confused! What we are trying to say is that About Blank pages aren’t any viruses, but the lack of processing in your browser that has resulted in an about blank page might be a result of a virus or malware attack. If you often see About blank pages, it’s time for you to run your system through an anti-virus. There are other solutions too. Continue reading to go through all of them.  Also, read How To Fix VMProtectSDK32.dll Is Missing Error | 3 Easy Ways

How To Get Rid Of About Blank Page on Android & iPhone?

I hope I have cleared it already, that About Blank page is a totally normal thing to happen in your system. It is no virus, no malware, just your system doing tricks with you, so it is not something you can get rid of. However, if you don’t want about:blank#blocked to happen frequently, then you can look for ways. If you have set up the About Blank page as the specific page to show up on startup then you still can easily get rid of it. Also, you can do these steps on your Android Chrome too. Simply follow the below-written steps to get rid of the About Blank page on Chrome- That’s it! You will not see an About Blank page when you start your Chrome now.  Also, read How To Fix Error 403 Rate_Limit_Exceeded Youtube On Xbox | 6 Easy Fixes

How To Fix about:blank#blocked in Chrome?

In order to fix the About Blank page in Chrome, you need to clean up the cache in your settings.  Also, read What is 403 Forbidden Error and How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error?

How to Fix about:blank#blocked in Chrome by Disabling Extensions?

Sometimes due to the use of multiple extensions, the About Blank page can be repeatedly displayed. If this sounds familiar then you need to remove your Chrome extensions. Here is how you can do it- Also, read What Is 0x0 0x0 Error | How to Fix 0x0 0x0 Windows Error Permanently

How to Fix about:blank#blocked in Chrome by Resetting Chrome to Default Settings?

If nothing works, you can simply reset everything on your Chrome. If you want to skip this step then try uninstalling Chrome, and then installing it again. If you want to fix About Page without uninstalling Chrome, then you must learn how to reset Chrome- Also, read Fix “Object of Type ‘int’ has no len()” | Python Errors And Fixes 2020

How to Fix about:blank#blocked in Chrome?

Wrapping Up

About Blank page or about:blank#blocked is nothing serious. It appears when the computer doesn’t know what to display, so it displays nothing i.e., a blank page. To fix it, you can clear the cache, remove it if you have set About Blank as your first page, or reset chrome. If these solutions were helpful to you then comment below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Keep Visiting Path of EX for more helpful stuff. 


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