There are so many things introduced, such as a Microsoft Xbox console, a redesigned PlayStation device, Apple Arcade, the resurgence of Twitch streaming, and advances in Virtual reality technology have all been introduced in the gaming world in 2020. In this article, you will learn about the nostalgic game Tap Tap Revenge in an all-inclusive manner.

All About Tap Tap Revenge

Nate True designed the music game Tap Tap Revenge, commonly referred to as Tap Tap Revenge Classic, which Tapulous created and released for the iPhone in July 2008. It’s the inaugural game in the Tap Tap franchise from Tapulous. Before the iPhone SDK was available, the show’s first working title was Tap Tap Revolution. Not really even three months after the initial iPhone introduction, on September 11, 2007, Tap Tap Revolution was launched. It also came out about a month earlier than Steve Jobs’ official statement promising the arrival of an official SDK in 2008. Also, read 5 Best Driving Simulation Games For Android In 2022 If you’d like a recall, Tap Tap was simply Dance Dance Revolution over an iPhone. Each player would pick a song, and the game would instead send colored spheres or pointers to the bottom of the screen for them to strike in time with the rhythm of the music. True ingenuity, I assure you. In order to win, you must tap each colored ball as soon as it reaches a stripe somewhere at the end of the screen. Every player scores points if they strike the ball on the beat; else, it scores as a loss. The player must rattle the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad in one of three directions: right, left, or center.

Where Did Tap Tap Revenge Go?

The biggest reason I miss this game a lot is that it was the only mobile game I had ever been any decent at. I constantly spent time playing Tap Tap Revenge while each of my friends might flaunt me their highest scores on Doodle Jump, Temple Run, and Fruit Ninja. It also was a tremendous amount of fun. It must have been obvious that I should play Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas because I wanted to pay attention to them anyway. Apple App Store no longer features Tap Tap. It emerges that Disney bought the parental business of the game Tapulous two years just after the game’s release. The CEO of Tapulous subsequently announced his resignation after the launching of Tap Tap Revenge 2, Tap Tap Revenge 3, and Tap Tap Revenge 4. Also, read Best Small Size Games for PC 2022 | Enjoy Even In Low Space Soon after, it was announced that perhaps the servers would be closed down as well as all Tap Tap apps would indeed be removed from either the App Store. Extremely heartbreaking.

How Can I Play Tap Tap Revenge?

I regret to inform you that you can not play Tap Tap Revenge game. Assuming you happen to possess an unused iPod Touch that you have never thought to upgrade. I should point you that there are additional clones of the games that you may download, but they are not particularly good. I could emphasize this often enough. They do, however, help satisfy hunger. For both Android and iPhone, there seem to be 2 alternative solutions to Tap Tap Revenge. Tap Tap Revenge Classic is the superior substitute. You may attempt Tap Tap Reloaded whether you’re seeking for something like a free alternative because it’s not complimentary. Also, read Best Indie Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022 | Free Games For iOS Devices However, there are some alternatives to the most popular game, Tap Tap Revenge.

1. Tap Tap Revenge Classic

One of the earliest apps to be released on the Apple App Store was Tap Tap Revenge Classic, and thanks to its popularity, many Tap Tap Revenge apps have since been created. 1 month after its debut, 1 million smartphones had installed it, and 20 percent of respondents of all iPhones had it. These incredible figures helped Tap Tap Revenge Classic dominate the App Store, and indeed the music business caught sight. Also, read 5 Best Sports Games for Android | 2022’s Top Video Games!!

2. Tap Tap Reloaded

The best peer music gaming experience is Tap Tap Reloaded. Reloaded is based primarily on what the public expects from a rhythm game for portable devices. The top Tap Tap players from around the world make up the Tap Tap Reloaded crew, which is extremely skilled and knowledgeable.

3. Audiosurf

Handlebar, Dylan Fiterrer’s personal business, created and distributed the rhythm and puzzle game Audiosurf. You can use Audiosurf to listen to music that you choose or that is currently playing on your headphones. By clicking on the designated points as tabs displayed on the screen, the player graphically imitates the melody heard on the displays. Also, read 5 Best PC Games for Kids In 2022 For OP Gaming!!

4. PinOut

PinOut is a solitary, pinball, science based video game made by Mediocre. The player can begin his epic journey in this game against with the clock throughout this enigmatic tunnel of modern illumination and pulsing throwback wave tunes. This gameplay is very identical to that of an earlier Pinball game, but with more sophisticated gameplay and a physics-based setting that makes the experience more thrilling and difficult.

5. Tap Tap Dash

Video game developer and distributor Cheetah Games created and released Tap Tap Dash, an exploration, action, and science based title. The creature figure that the player controls in this game must primarily adhere to the path and gather all the diamonds in order to score points. In order to continue along the designated path, the player must turn and bounce. Also, read 7 Best Non-Stop Games For iPhone 2022 For Non-Stop Fun!!

Wrapping Up

This article is all about the Tap Tap Revenge game and how much Apple fans are missing this game. It is sad that the game is no more with us, but Android and Apple users can play the alternatives of the games mentioned above. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the Tap Tap Revenge game and the memories with this game,


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