As that of Monday, a lot of services from Alphabet Inc, which includes Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive were not accessible by a lot of users around the Globe. As there on YouTube, the homepage was replaced with an illustration of a monkey with a hammer that had the title, “oops.”  Users around the world got to know about it when they were using YouTube and there it appeared something went wrong. Soon then an update was put up by YouTube on Twitter in which they calmed the users mentioning that –  The company is much aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right there but their team is aware that they are looking into that matter. They also mentioned that they will soon update the users on the internet as more news comes: Team YouTube.

Google Services Down Again- YouTube and Gmail

Due to the breakdown in YouTube and Gmail, the applications were not working for more than an hour, many workplaces, schools had faced a lot of issues that disturbed their works. They have to close the schools and highlight that they have to depend on the internet as of the pandemic. The company named Alphabet Inc. owned services showed users a lot of problems mentioning that there is an error attempting to sign in. They were not able to access their email or files there.  The search bar of google was filled with only the line “Is Google services Down”? A spokeswoman of Google said on Monday that the disconnection has affected the system of the company. Many engineers traced and talked about the problem that these problems were due to internal services and said that these were not a part of any cyberattack. They also mentioned the recent changes done to cloud storage within ceratin products of google. Also, read HOW TO DELETE A PAGE IN GOOGLE DOCS The disconnection began at about 6:45 a.m. Eastern time and it lasted for not more than an hour. Many apologies were made by google to users who were deeply affected by it. The Company assured that this problem will not reoccur in the future. A lot many people were affected by google services worldwide, as they were being used and relied upon by billions of users. As people have to stay home and work from home because of this pandemic people were dependent on it for their work.  As we all know that google’s Gmail is one of the most used email by people over the globe. The office tools for a workspace that are known as G suite and a great competitor to Microsoft corporate office are very famous among businesses and institutions.

Loss Due to Broken Google Services

Let me tell you that Monday’s Google disconnection almost made a loss of around $6,500 to poet Nick Tregenza- May of Devon, England. He had planned to record himself for a TV commercial performance that was themed for a holiday. The company that hired him and told him to store his poem he wrote in his Google doc. He was intimated that Monday was the last day for his work to upload and once that outrage lifted, he was left with only two hours to complete it. He expected to meet that deadline for that day. Some schools had remained closed for a day.  The school in Westland had to give a day-off to their students after a morning disconnection. You already know people these days are relied on Google meet and exchanging emails.  A woman Jenny Johnson said that we lost our window connection at the beginning of the day and they earlier provided Chromebooks and hot spots to the students.  Ms. Johnson also mentioned that she doesn’t want to switch the district to some alternative service at this time, but it may be seen as a possibility in the future. She said till today Google has always worked well for us in every aspect. The tech department will look for the best for their department and the kids so eventually they have to come up with some recommendations. Also, read How To Sign Out Of One Google Account In 2021: Steps By Step Process In 2019, some services from Google like Gmail were not working properly or we can say slowed down in March and the company called it a “cascading failure” that began because the tweaks were made to internal storage service. In the same week, Apple services and Facebook services also suffered. 

Google Services Down for 45 Minutes

On Tuesday at 3:47 a.m. PT Google again experienced a disconnection for almost 45 minutes and that was due to an internal storage problem. The servers required users to experience high error rates during that period. The issue was solved at 4:32 a.m. PT .all the services were restored after that. Google has again apologized to everyone who was greatly affected by this and the company said that they will conduct a follow up on this to review that this problem can’t appear again in the future.   So we can say that as it was down for not more than one hour still many people faced many problems and a lot of losses were made to the people. That one hour crossed into business operation times in a lot of many markets that lead to a drop in pre-trading for companies like Alphabet. It’s a reminder for all of us how far have Google reached and for how many of our services. All our services like productivity, entertainment, work, studies, information, knowledge, home utility are all tied up with one single provider and that is google.


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