The best gaming headset is all you need to solve your problems. But another issue is how to choose the right gaming headset as the requirement of every gamer is entirely different. What features and functions do you consider before buying a gaming headset? This article will help you to find the right headset for gaming.

Features of Gaming Headset

There are countless headphones available on the market with different features made to fulfill the requirement of music lovers, gamers, and professionals. But gaming headset is something different with unique functions. A gaming headset is a combination of headphones with a supreme quality mic attached to it. Gone are the days when you had to buy headphones and mics separately. Besides the mess, they were not good enough to perform all their gaming skills. Featuring perfect noise isolation and dedicated microphones, gaming headphone is an ideal accessory for every gaming lover. The best gaming headset can ideally provide sound clarity with details in audio. The best part is they can even offer such clarity even at a low volume. There are different things you should consider when buying a gaming headset. Following are the most important ones that can help you to make the right decision.

1. Compatibility

The most crucial factor is to consider whether the headset is compatible with your gaming system or not. Remember, all gaming headsets are not able to work with every gaming platform. It is essential to select the one that can work with your PC or console. Here are the most popular gaming platforms.

  1.   Windows PC
  2.   Apple Mac
  3.   PlayStation 4
  4.   Xbox One
  5.   PlayStation 5
  6.   Nintendo Switch Manufacturers are working to produce more versatile models that can efficiently work on different platforms so you can enjoy every platform with a single gaming headset. Each set is equipped with independent software, and one console may not support all of the features of the particular headset.

2. Sound Quality

The quality of the sound determines whether you should buy the headset or not. Gaming headsets offer ideal sound effects and enjoy your favorite game without any hassle. If the sound is not good enough, it will affect your gaming experience. Therefore, the sound quality of a gaming headset is an essential criterion for making the right decision. There are many sets featuring Dolby technology that allows enjoying a superior gaming experience. You can find gaming headsets with 5.1 or 7.7 surround sound quality. Such features may be expensive, but you have to spend extra money if you want to enjoy the excellent sound quality.

3. Microphone Matters

Nowadays, most games need communication with teammates, and therefore, the best gaming headset with microphones must have a high-quality built-in microphone. If your headset lacks a good microphone, don’t choose the one. Make sure the microphone doesn’t pick up nearby unwanted noises. You can find a gaming headset with a noise cancellation feature. You can easily block any background sound and cancel it off. Even in crowded places, you can enjoy your favorite game with no disturbing sounds. Make your headphone has noise cancellation, boom microphone and mute function for privacy.

4. Headband

Having a high-quality headband is one prominent sign of quality. Gaming sessions usually last for a long time, especially on weekends. A tight band overhead can be quite irritating. The case is similar to the loose headband. If the headband is too narrow, it can lead to headaches and lousy gaming performance. Therefore, you should check the length and breadth of your headband.

5. Comfort

Gaming sessions can go overnight, and it can take up to 12 hours for professional gamers. Choosing a gaming headset with ideal comfort is very important. It is vital to be sure not to suffer from wearing a gaming headset. If you feel squeezed up while wearing your headset, you must be disturbed when playing. So, it is better to select a headset that offers perfect comfort-ability to enjoy gaming sessions for long hours.

Wireless or Wired Gaming headset

Another critical factor is to choose between wireless and wired gaming headsets. It is better to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both types of gaming headsets and choose the best one for your needs.

1. Wired Gaming Headset

A wired gaming headset comes with a cable to connect it to a compatible gaming console. The wired connection is less sensitive to electromagnetic perturbations. The most popular connection types include USB or 3.5mm jack. These headsets are not only affordable but also lack any battery to charge. Wired gaming headsets are ultra-lightweight and easy to use. All you need is to plug in your gaming headset, and you are good to go. There are some disadvantages of wired gaming headsets, such as they are prone to damage and the wire length put restrictions on your movement.

2. Wireless Gaming Headsets

In fact, the most popular headsets on the market nowadays, wireless headsets offer great flexibility and convenience. Some low-priced models may create communication issues due to the poor Bluetooth signals reception. Another significant issue is the battery charging of a wireless headset, as they can last for 2-4 hours commonly before recharging them. However, high-end wireless headphones have no Bluetooth reception issues or battery problems. You can choose them for long gaming sessions. These headsets have less movement restriction, better cross-platform compatibility, future proof, and much-improved battery life. But there may be charging, weight, and high prince disadvantages of wireless headphones.

Headphone Material

Commonly, headphones are manufactured with rubber, PVC, silicone, foam, and artificial leather. Most gamers love to choose PVC and polyurethane manufactured around-ear headphones. However, silicone is the softest material used for on-ear gaming headsets.


Size is a commonly neglected aspect of the gaming headset, but it can be crucial in various situations. Big-sized headsets have some disadvantages, such as heavyweight, unsuited earcups, or loose headbands. Choose the one that goes well with your head size.


The gaming headset weight matters a lot in comfort. For instance, a gaming headset lightweight offers a more comfortable gaming experience for longer sessions. On the other hand, a heavier gaming headset is more durable and manufactured of high-quality materials. The weight of the headset depends on different factors such as size and material. A heavyweight headset causes headaches, discomfort, neck pain, and fatigue. They are not recommended for extended gaming sessions. Make sure to choose the headset with lightweight, such as the one with 8 ounces (225 grams). Another helpful tip for selecting a lightweight gaming set is to try it for at least thirty minutes before buying.

Replacement Parts

Headphones usually last for few years when maintained properly. It primarily depends on the design and builds quality of the headset. However, replacing parts of your headset is normal. If the headset is externally damaged, you have to replace its functions. But it stops working; it’s time to replace your headphone. Headphones lose elasticity when used for a long time. The sound quality doesn’t matter if the headphone is not able to remain in its place. Make sure the replacement parts of your gaming sets are readily available before you buy them.


In fact, the price is the most critical factor that helps to make the decision. You can easily find gaming headsets within your budget. But, the features and quality depend on the price. For instance, on an affordable budget, you can find decent sound mixing and audio clarity. However, you have to spend extra bucks for luxury features, high-end durability, and excellent sound. Final Words Whether you are a professional or a casual gamer, a high-quality gaming headset is a must-have accessory for you. But finding the perfect match for your needs can be a difficult task. When choosing the headset for gaming, look for the proper fit, durability, high-quality materials, noise cancellation, microphone, comfort, and above one, the one that fits within your budget.


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