Initially, when the app was launched, many concerns were raised. Many people were wondering if Gas App is safe. Gas app is designed especially for the youngster. You can find your school on the app and compliment your friends anonymously on the app. You can join school in Gas app to connect with your friends. But if your school is not available in Gas, you can try a few easy fixes. Coins in Gas App is another important feature other than Flames. So, what does top flames mean on Gas App? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Does Top Flames Mean On Gas App?

Gas app lets its user vote on the app. You can vote for your friends on the app. The app lets the user know the votes through the flames. You will have to tap on four people when you download and install the app. You will be asked questions like “Most likely to be famous.” You will then receive flames when other people answer your polls. Flames on the Gas are possibly the only way to interact with users unless you upgrade to God Mode. You can activate God mode to know who voted for you. Gas app is a fun way to hype up your friends. The app is against any negative social environment online. The app aimes to eliminate bullying and harassment through hateful comments that is done on popular social sites. Gas app was launched in August 2022. It was an instant hit amongst the youth for its positive attributes. Also, read How To Find Your Crush On Gas App | Use 5 Steps to Find Out!

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what does Top Flames mean on Gas app. Gas app is specifically designed so that you can compliment your friends. Follow us to know more. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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