If you want to move from Twitter to a platform that would provide you with a similar interface to some extent, then Mastodon is the best answer. Honesty, I feel many fields need to be improved on the Mastodon to make it a fitting alternative to Twitter. If not a replication, at least a platform that can compete with the most prominent social media sites of the time. As Mastodon is not Twitter, there are icons that work differently and have different names altogether. In this article, we will find out what does the star on Mastodon mean and what are the functions of other post icons.

What Does the Star on Mastodon Mean?

To like a post on different social media accounts, we generally have either a “Thumbs Up” icon or a “Heart” icon. We see a “Heart” icon on Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook reels, Instagram, and more, whereas the “Thumbs Up” icon can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and more. The “Star” icon comparatively is not as popular as the other two. You can find this icon in WordPress, also. When you hit the Star icon on Mastodon posts, it works as if you have clicked the heart icon on Twitter or the thumbs-up icon on YouTube. Yes, it works as a “like.” On Mastodon, it is called a Favorite. As many users favorite (like) your post, you will get that many stars. Hence, the star icon works as a reaction button on Mastodon as the heart and thumbs-up icons. What does the star on Mastodon mean, then? Also, read 7 Famous Celebrities On Mastodon: Exodus of Twitter Celebrities

How Does the Star Icon Work?

So you know what does the star on Mastodon means. Now let’s know about its application. The star icon works as a “Like” (as we usually call it). Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more, Mastodon’s “Like” (called Favorite) has the same meaning and the same function. Let’s see how to utilize it.

1. Who Can Give Me Star on Mastodon Posts?

Any user who can view your post can give you a star on Mastodon. They can be your friends, followers, people that are mentioned in the posts, or any stranger who may have accessed your post by clicking or searching for a topic or a hashtag. You know how to DM on Mastodon; it works more like a post that is visible to a single person or more who are mentioned in it. You can also get stars for your DMs.

2. How Many Stars Can I Give to a Person?

You can give as many stars as the number of their posts. You can give one star for each post or message. Similarly, a single person can give you only one star on Mastodon post, whether they like it a lot or as usual. Also, read How to Mute Someone on Mastodon: Get Rid of Annoying Notifications!

3. When Should I Give a Star on Mastodon?

Whenever you encounter a post that catches your eye, you like it in one way or another. You should give it a star on Mastodon, then. It boosts the morale and interest of the publisher. You should use it as a tool of appreciation. Though the icon is free of cost, you should not use it for all the posts on your feed.

4. How to Give a Star on Mastodon and How to Take It Back?

When you think a post deserves a like as per your standard and preference, you need to hit the star icon once. It will be filled with a color (generally golden). If you hit it again, it will remove your like from the post, and it will eventually decrease a star on the post. Once you remove a star (unlike) on a post, it will turn grey. Also, read Mastodon Safety: 6 Tips To Keep Your Mastodon Secure

What Do Icons on Mastodon Post Mean?

There are 6 icons under all posts on Mastodon. Each post has its own function, name, and meaning. Let’s enlist them all.

1. Reply on Mastodon

The reply icon on Mastodon resembles an arrow on the web version and a chat bubble on the phone version. If you want to add a comment, reply, agree or disagree, hit the icon and write your response. Reply on Mastodon works both as a comment section and replying box. It works synonymously with Twitter’s Reply icon.

2. Boost on Mastodon

Boost on Mastodon is a bit closer to the retweet function of Twitter. However, you cannot quote a post (also called Toot). If you hit the icon, it will boost the post, and it will be published on your Mastodon Timeline. Its icon resembles the recycle icon on the app and the web. However, on the app, it is more circular in shape, while on the web, it is square-shaped. Also, read Mastodon Error 403 Forbidden: Causes and Fixes

3. Star on Mastodon

To favor a post means to like it. You may give a post a like (the star), and the author will notice it. Favorites have no effect on visibility. There is no algorithm on Mastodon that selects “most fav’ed posts” or similar. Boost a post to raise its and its author’s visibility.

4. Bookmark on Mastodon

It is a bookmark in shape, and it saves you a post. As you can save a post on Facebook or Instagram or a Video on YouTube or Vimeo. If you see a post and you want to keep it as a reference or visit it again, hit the bookmark icon on Mastodon. It will do the job. The bookmark icon is unavailable on the Mastodon app. To view it, you need to switch to the web version of your instance on your smartphone. To open the web version from your smartphone, hit three dots on any post and then tap on the Open in browser option Also, read How to Use Mastodon Social: A Beginner’s Guide

5. Share on Mastodon

The share icon and its variants are famous. If you hit the icon, you can share its link as a text message through your messaging app. You can also copy the link and paste it to embed (though embed does not work smoothly yet). You can also share a post externally via email, WhatsApp, post, or more.

6. More on Mastodon

This icon has three dots (•••) and is on the right-hand side under a post. It lets you view some options like Block, Mute, DM, Report, Expand, Copy link, and more. The icon on the app is found in the post’s top right corner. It includes almost all options as above and the Open in browser option. The latter option lets you view the post in the web version. Here you can access all web icons, and you will have Bookmark options as well. Also, read How to Filter Posts on Mastodon Server: A Brief Guide

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know what does the star on Mastodon mean. It is a like button having a different icon and name. When you like a post on Mastodon, it gets filled with color, the color of gold. You should neither use this feature over-generous nor miserly. Use it whenever you like a post. Give your star a value but don’t make it appear that you don’t have the option to favor a post. Saying that, if you have liked the post, share it with your friends and keep visiting Path of EX.


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