One can get 1k followers on TikTok in 5 Minutes and get viral videos in merely seconds, but TikTok has a strictly defined policy on the verification of the user. A blue checkmark on TikTok is allotted irrespective of the follower count, depending upon the authenticity of the user. Head on through this article and learn what does blue check mean on TikTok and how many followers and views are required to get a blue check on TikTok. Below is a detailed guide on how to get a blue check on TikTok. Move along!

What Does Blue Check Mean on TikTok?

When you get a blue checkmark on TikTok, it simply means your account identity is dually verified by TikTok and is mainly provided to celebs, influencers, and known personalities. You don’t really have to be popular. If you deal in any kind of product or service and your account is completely sworn by the users, TikTok can also assign a blue checkmark to you. Also, read What is Clear Mode on TikTok & How to Turn it On? (2022)

Why Get Verified on TikTok?

Since TikTok as a platform pushes for authenticity, it can help you create your career and monetize your content on the platform. The benefits of a verification badge on TikTok are as follows:

How Many Followers & Views Are Required to Get Blue Check on TikTok?

In the world of TikTok, there is no hard and fast rule in regard to how many followers and views you must have to get a blue check on TikTok. There is no defined policy to provide you with a blue check once you hit x number of followers. However, you are verified on TikTok when you get viral in the eyes of the public, and your voice reaches out to TikTok. You may also request verification on TikTok and get a blue checkmark by following some steps. Head on to learn how you can do so. Also, read How To Turn Off Video Views On TikTok & How To Turn On/Off Profile Views

How to Request Verification on TikTok?

Here’s how you can request verification on TikTok easily by following some steps:

How to Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok?

Requesting TikTok to verify your account on TikTok is a popular method, but can you really rely on that? No, you cannot! One does need to be purely active and work well on TikTok. Head on to learn how to get a blue check on TikTok:

1. Know Your Niche

Every TikTok user has their own niche, and it defines their credibility in every possible way. One thing that you must never let go of is creating content apart from your own niche and confusing your audience in regard to what you actually make on TikTok.
You must always align your challenges, trends, and music choices in regard to your niche and go in one direction rather than taking so many twists and turns. Also, read How To Find Someone On TikTok With Username, Phone Number & More

As you know, there is no defined rule referring to how many followers are required to get a blue checkmark on TikTok; another way to catch the eye of TikTok is by getting features in media like newspapers, magazines, blog posts, and popular TikTok account. When you widen your reach through media, a larger chunk of people get to know about you, which helps you get verified on TikTok and get a blue check on your account.

3. Become Verified on Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok always keeps a check on your other social media accounts before giving you a blue checkmark on TikTok. Hence, if you are verified on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, & Facebook, it simply means that there are great chances that your account can be verified on TikTok as well.

4. Make Viral-Worthy Content

It might seem obvious, but when you make an appearance on the ‘For You Page’ and generate your authenticity, your content gets viral instantly, and as you welcome a wider audience, your engagement brings the eye of the TikTok users. Here’s how you can make your content viral: Also, you can use trending audio and hashtags to make your video viral on TikTok. Also, read How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View? Enroll In Creators Fund RN!

5. Follow TikTok Algorithm

Another aspect of getting a blue check on TikTok is that you are significantly complying with the TikTok algorithm and are not boycotting any rules in that process. There is no point in making a viral video if your TikTok account is not complying with the guidelines of TikTok and is approaching the wrong direction. To get a blue checkmark on TikTok, you must comply with the guidelines of TikTok, make viral videos, create content in your niche, spread your voice over media, and get a proper verification on other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Watch What Does Blue Check Mean on TikTok

Wrapping Up

This was all about the blue check mean on TikTok. Check out the guide mentioned above and learn how to easily get a blue checkmark on TikTok. Maintain your dignity and invest lots of creativity in the content you make your TikTok videos a worthy one. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap.


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